Dear Friend,

Journey Continues

After several security checks, extended foreign layovers, and multiple plane final flight landed in Florida last night where I was picked up by a local pastor whose church watched over my RV while gone. As we made our way toward the church...we visited back and forth regarding all I had taken in during my speaking tour in Rwanda. As one issue after another surface, we found ourselves both pierced and shaking our heads as we trying to comprehend what it takes within a person to participate in mass murder during Genocide as Rwanda experienced and now continues to recover from...

On the Ground USA

Upon my arrival to my RV, we loaded my bags in the door as we parted company for the night. Once inside, my first encounter was with the realization that I had an electrical problem which left my coach batteries near dead. After making the rounds to discover the source of difficulty...I decided to take a run at it with a rested mind the next day. Prior to climbing into my bed, I made a few calls to family and friends before retiring. Once horizontal in bed...lights out...a movie began to play in my hearts eye replaying my flight to Rwanda...landing in Kigali after passing through the Netherlands, Kenya, and Berunde...intersecting with my host...the cross country journey toward Gisenyi on the Congo border...speaking in multiple venues while there...coming face to face with an amazing people...having my spirit arrested by the depth of forgiveness extended between opposing sides of mass murder...and making my own journey into the Genocide Museum with my new dear friend as we wept our way through... As I lay there...I was immobilized by grief for the pain so many encountered as loved ones were snatched from their grasp by manifest evil. How could such things occur I pondered... Answer? Unknown...

As I awoke the next morning to shower, shave, and make my way outside to begin the troubleshooting of my electrical issue...I found two wires burned in two...not a good sign. Praying for intervention, God graciously helped me fix the issue without lasting damage. Moving through my day...I cleaned, re-grouped, sent emails, and updated my blog.

After Shock

Still however...I was plundered within by how one man could turn against family, women, friends, children, and the defenseless fueled by thoughts able to justify destroying another person, society, and people... Rwanda left its indelible mark in my soul...I'll never be the same... Now, I must pick up the pieces, gather my composure, and set off toward the western USA on my way toward my home state of Washington. It is my hope...that God will grant me many places to share a heart wrenching story of interference, exploitation, hell's brutality, and an amazing tale of unconditional love and forgiveness across America. Why? Our country has no clue when it comes to the suffering and mortal cost paid by those deemed faceless in other war torn clue. And yet, many think they are going to heaven and evidencing the love of God as they harbor malice because someone took their bag of skittles without asking... America, my dear friend, needs a severe reality check before it's too late... More later...

In Christ,



Dear Friend,

Currently, I am sitting at an Internet Café in the Amsterdam airport in The Netherlands catching up on emails and details while only half way home from Rwanda...a world to which I long to return...

Altered Within

While there...I was radically altered in history's crossfire somewhere between heaven's mercy and a people decimated by genocide's blow... My prior arrival into Rwanda brought me face-to-face with a hellish reality perpetrated against a once unified people, with weapons forged with hatred's hammer on aggressions anvil... This reality, birthed in the shadows elitism, exploitation, and extermination was thrust upon the defenseless by those powerful for the purpose of godless position and gain. Genocide's dark foundation, clandestinely created behind democracy's doors, had been carefully constructed with sling stones of disrespect, deceit, and devastation quarried from death's domain and perpetrated against a once peaceful people who were silently invaded, colonized, identified, divided, and murdered without remorse. Those fallen among the masses, estimated at over a million souls; included tribal chiefs, fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, cousins, and friends once numbered among the Rwanda's once majestic people. Amid the massacre...overseeing nations, armies, and multi-national (UN) forces looked on turning a blind without intervention as those purposely trained in wholesale execution killed the unsuspecting with machetes, axes, and knives either leaving the dead lay or heaping them in mass graves... It was to this Rwandan people...a people raped by radicalism...exploited by elitism...isolated by indoctrination...plundered by power...and set one against another prior to eventual intervention and subsequent whom I was sent in Jesus' name...


After speaking to many leaders and laymen in multiple venues while in Rwanda over the course of eight (8) days between flights...we made our way from the city of Gisenyi on Congo's border back to Kigali...Rwanda's capital...where most of the team flew out yesterday one day before me. As a result, I was privileged to spend the night with members of Eric's family awaiting my next day departure. While there, I was treated like royalty, given a nice room to myself in their home, and gained a much needed night's rest before rising to breakfast the next morning. Once showered, dressed, and on the other side of a cup of rich Rwandan host loaded me in the car delivering me to an Internet Café to check-in for my flight before navigating the path toward one of Rwanda's largest Genocide Museum sites. Upon our arrival there, we went inside, gathered information, and stepped into our self-guided tour together before descending a long flight of cold stone steps toward the mass grave vaults in which the remains of nearly 300,000 Genocide victims had been gathered to date.

Descending into Heartache

With each downward step toward the vaults...tears welled up in my eyes, a somber air settled over my spirit, and grief gripped my soul. As my friend and I made our way along side of one of the vaults...he collapsed against the railing and wept... Turning to me, his face stained by tears, we locked eyes as I put my arms around him and we wept together. Between sobs...he said, I lost 36 people in my family including my mom, brothers, cousins, and children...and still...we do not know where they are...they have never been found. We just stood there...speechless...wrapped in each other's arms...weeping. I was pierced to my core by the impact of hell's devastation within the tender heart of man whose world one day plummeted from tribal honor into emptiness through the heartless machete blows inflicted by those once called friends... After an extended stint, we regained our composure to a degree before continuing onward through even more disturbing displays telling of the Genocide's instigators, propagandists, and executioners...the murderous training they received and the weapons they used...graphic photos of slain victims piled in of those still missing...all before...leading us to glass cases filled with mature and adolescent skulls and leg bones. Station-by-station...we cried our way through the tour before finally emerging out the other end indescribably wrecked within... How...simply how...can human beings descend to such barbarism as was necessary to maim friends, rape mothers, dash children against walls, and torture the innocent before systematically killing them with a single targeted machete blow to the skull capable of inflicting instant It is to this people...a people determined to forgive, to rise, and to overcome hell's bid for their lives and nation...I was sent. The setting was surreal as I found myself speaking to different audiences comprised of people sitting next to a brother or friend who had killed members of their sitting side-by-side at peace through Christ-empowered forgiveness. As I stood and spoke in the presence of greatness...I was truly humbled and arrested by their genuine grasp of unconditional love, compassion, and selfless honor focused on rebuilding a great nation for the glory of God.


As I sit here in Amsterdam...a city known for decadence and unbridled heart, mind, and thoughts are gripped by those I met, all I saw, breakthroughs which occurred, and the radical alteration incited within me... To the everyday American...such a story seems more like a detached fictional narrative...than reality. Why? Because most allow themselves to wander in idle notions, distorted perceptions, wayward desires, and selfish ambitions wholly divorced from mankind's recurring potential to destroy his own. In many cases, things prevail over people...self over others...power over principle...provocation over peace...and malice over mercy as those created in God's image devour or destroy their equals for personal gain. No one is immune...not you...not me. To believe delusion. If it were not for the intervening love and transformational power of Jesus Christ...our pathway...which proves we have all gone astray and fallen short of the glory of God...would leave us lacking. In light of all said above...after visiting Rwanda and meeting its people...I will never be the same again. I simply, am in awe of its people... Meanwhile, I have been invited back, in addition to other invitations to Kenya, Uganda, and the Congo. Africa has gripped my heart, mind, and soul as God compels my loving reach to its people...

As I send off this note amid my homeward appears obvious my face needs a shave, my day old shirt has smelled better days, and that a cup of coffee may revive me long enough to spur me toward my final flight back to America... Interestingly, however, Rwanda feels more like home...

In Christ,




Good Morning from Rwanda,

Friday January 4, 2013

On the Ground Rwanda

My evening last night wandered into the wee morning hours as I did what was necessary to connect with those I've encountered along my path... Finally letting the bug net down and tucking it in around my welcome bed...I lay awake to the outside sounds of cars going by, horns honking, people singing as they walked by, and a very different sense of peace within. Stirring back to awareness after slipping off to sleep some hours before, I was intrigued as the same hustle bustle sounds lingered in the night air. I recall wondering if this place ever sleeps before drifting off again to resume my acquisition of rest. Several hours 5:30 am Kigali time...I found myself once again engulfed in the many sounds and voices that had traveled their journey into and through the night. Only this time, a new voice rose from the twilight adding nature's music as a solitary bird spoke joy into the new day's dawn... I lay silently awake taking it all in from beneath a suspended net as I noticed the first glimmers of light peeking through my window across the wall on my room's other side... From my horizontal position amid the new day's rise, I was once again aware as outdoor activity gained momentum as horns, cars, and voices from my surroundings spoke forth...


Standing at my hotel room window just inside the balcony glass peering through a slot in my drapes...I noticed a solitary soldier from among resident military forces making his security rounds down the alley radio in hand. While on the go yesterday in Kigali, a city of more than one million people; I scanned my pathway as machine gun armed police, bank guards, shopping mall security, and peace keeping forces manned their posts... Peace resides here because there are consequences for wrong actions and because it is guarded by those God has placed to protect those who suffered so deeply amid early 1990's genocide gone by...


As the day progressed while awaiting other team member's arrival after their flight was delayed...Eric and I made our way through the city gathering supplies. As we traveled the cobble stone sidewalks with cars, trucks, motorbikes, and pedestrians making their way by...the Rwanda's atmosphere settled upon me. With each passing step...I found my eyes locking with those of other passers-by... I found warmth, openness, and friendship's extension freely given. As we drove to further destinations within the city a bit later, our journey carried us up one hill and down another as we meandered our way through shopping complexes, inner city farming plots, governmental agencies, and the underlying heartbeat of Africa. Most living here work for under one dollar ($1) per day. And yet, gasoline is roughly $5.20 USD per gallon. How is it that the masses I encounter her can be living such reality...and yet open themselves to a stranger? I simply know that I am much more at peace in this place than America...

Toward the Conference

Later in the afternoon, we went to spend time and eat lunch with Eric's aunt, uncle, and family. They are wonderful people filled with kindness, humility, and grace. Eric's uncle was raised in the Congo and fled the country to Rwanda following the halt of Rwanda's genocidal killing spree so many years before. Though his heart is in the Congo...he cannot go back and has become a citizen of Rwanda. Finally, our other team members arrived...we loaded our possessions...and made our way to Gisenyi some 3 ½ hours south on the border of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. On one side, Rwanda resides in peace. Across the border in the Congo...instability and killing are widespread and ongoing as tribal, ethnic, and philosophical issues stir strife among a great people. We arrived into Gisenyi at 9:30 pm Rwanda time Friday January 4th and were greeted by the cities pastors who personally invited and welcomed us to their city as we prepare to commence the conference tomorrow. There is great hunger for God in this place. Likewise, there is a tremendous presence of humility, cooperation, and openness. As I wind down tonight in my second hotel 240 miles from my last preparing to slip beneath my bug net...I anticipate great things as tomorrow dawns. In the meantime, please pray that God will use us all to meet needs, give freely of ourselves, and serve this great nation with the heart of God. We will see many miracles great and small both in the lives of the people and within ourselves. Signing off for the night in Rwanda...
In Jesus,

Location:  Augusta, GA 

Blessings to you!

tennesseeweb11012012The past two plus weeks have been an interesting season along my pathway.  Since leaving my home state of Washington back in late May 2012…many ever-adjusting encounters, issues, and realities have crossed my trail.  As one can imagine, it is always interesting to both re-connect with prior friends from ten years earlier and…to connect with new people for the first time.  In this sense, the dynamic of my unfolding pathway is always new.  Why?  It is both uplifting, and sometimes heart breaking to re-connect with those from before who have either remained in or been dislodged from their previous location, profession, capacity, and/or situation.  Likewise, it is exciting to meet new personalities who add a new ingredient to my ongoing equation.  In light of it all, the voice of God and man’s emerging condition before Him continue to speak…

Moving Heavenward

As I have moved forward day-by-day stepping back into people’s worlds or into new first time meetings…it has been obvious that the tone and underpinnings of America’s recent pre and post election process heavily impacted our nation.  To some, the outcome brought rejoicing…to others, deep concern…rattling them to their core.  In many cases, the disconnect between these two vantage points was based more on fiscal responsibility and foreign policy, than on what does or does not grieve the heart of our holy and loving God.  Sadly, our people-at-large have grown more concerned with protecting their immediate physical self-focused reality, than guarding their long-term and eternal destinies by living rightly before God and man.  As a result, America’s prior enjoyment of being heralded as the greatest nation on earth…is being actively plundered by her plummeting economic stability, social objectivity, moral deviancy, and fragmenting spirituality.  And yet, along the way, I encounter genuine upstanding men, women, and children scattered among the masses I meet…who long for and practice dynamic and life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ as openly evidenced in the way they live and love others.  We must realize…that America only has potential to recover her position of renown in direct proportion with the lifestyle integrity those numbered among her citizens are willing to actually live…

Book Distribution

Please continue to stand with me in prayer that my recent book “Author unknown” will find its way into the hands and hearts of those it was destined to impact.  At God’s direction, I wrote it to change lives…not to make money.  And yet, it takes money to continue printing more.  So, please pray for the Lord to cause hunger in His people to read it…and…to anoint the book’s message and deliver it with life-changing power!  Thanks! 


As we head into the holiday season, I notice that people’s typical transition toward levity and festivity is more subdued in light of unfolding global tensions.  It is important that we realize and adjust to the fact that life pressures and impending change are not unique to America…they are worldwide.  Consequently, we as individual people have entered a season in which the air is a bit thicker, colors a bit dimmer, and hope seemingly a bit more distant to man though they do not grasp why.  When people created in the image of God distance themselves from Him through miss-guided living…heaviness in the atmosphere results.  Fortunately, there is an answer available to all who are willing to remedy the issue on God’s terms.  If we are willing to identify, own, and correct those things in our lives with His help which estrange us from the realization of God’s loving kindness…He remains faithful to gather us into His arms to restore us with mercy's unconditional love through His only Son…Jesus.  For me, this truth boils down to a simple choice dear friend…my way or His.  In reality, He only asks us to give up that which helps Him protect us from ourselves…because…He loves us unconditionally, forever!  That dear friend is life’s most incredible opportunity and available reality...which carries with it...heaven's radical power to transform our lives from mere drudgery to unimaginable adventure!  It is my hope and prayer that you will encounter this life-giving and loving Jesus face-to-face at a level greater than ever before…so…you will truly experience thanksgiving in abundance with family and friends!   As I stay the course while making my final 150 mile approach to the Charleston’s Atlantic blessed in Jesus’ name!

Chasing the King,



Dear Friend of God,

As I near Augusta, Georgia on my way to Charleston, South Carolina over coming weeks...I pray this update finds you well and at peace in your relationship with Jesus Christ... If there ever was a time to be certain of where we stand in knowing is that time!

Pivotal Events

Today's events and outcome will raise their voice to reveal America's inner heart... Our nation stands at the crossroads of time divided over social, economic, moral, and spiritual issues. As I ponder and pray over our nation, leaders, and the people I meet...I cannot help but be reminded of Jesus' words saying that "If a kingdom is divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand" (Mark 3:24 NIV). This same reality is true of churches, households, marriages, and the philosophies which divide them. In truth, members of our great land have fought one-against-another for too long as they push and pull to gain ground for themselves. Yet, "unless the Lord builds the house, its builders labor in vain" (Psalms 127:1 NIV). After spurring our careful consideration of judgment and mercy, heaven's writer asked, "What good is it, my brothers, if a man claims to have faith but has no deeds...can such faith save him" (James 2:12-14 NIV)? Likewise, the psalmist asked, "When the foundations are crumbling, what can the righteous do (Psalms 11:3 NIV)? So, what must we do dear friend or what must our foundation be built upon if we're to truly overcome in this life and the one to come? The bible tells us clearly that the Rock of Jesus Christ Himself must be firmly placed as "Chief Cornerstone" in the foundation of our individual lives and nation "if" we're to gain victory (Ephesians 2:19-22 NIV). In truth dear friend, America will not recover or stand "unless we" replace our personal selfishness with "selfless unity" through God's heart in our purposeful effort to "love our neighbors as ourselves" (Matthew 22:37-40). Therefore, we are faced with both opportunity and responsibility, amid these troubled times, to invest ourselves in freedom's future God's way before it's too late...

Across America Now...

Thus far, my current trip across America has proven to be the most difficult yet as I encounter everyday people caught in hell's deceptive crossfire of fear, confusion, outrage, and sin. Though hot spots fueled by God's heart exist amid His people scattered among different geographies, cultures, and denominations...much of America's Church-at-large has grown inward, self-serving, and unable to produce disciple-based "fruit that lasts" (John 15:14-17 NIV).

How can I say that you may ask? Simple... Since 1990, God's local and international outreach efforts through my life including home communities, two trans-continental walks, multiple trips to Europe and Middle Eastern war zones, and my current third trip (book tour) across America have granted me ongoing opportunity to meet people from all walks of life. My travels have led me to personally knock on more than 5,000 churches of 60 plus encounter thousands of leaders in the process of sitting down with nearly 1,500 be in the homes, businesses, and family affairs of many inside and outside rubs elbows with panhandlers at intersections and others wandering streets, sipping coffee in Starbucks, behind bars, riding on airplanes, or trapped in prostitution...and to labor my way across the land on faith day-by-day without setting up speaking or funding in advance. If one wants to take the pulse of America's community of faith and those yet journey has clearly given me eyes to see, ears to hear, and a heart that understands the struggles of those God created in love... In short, God's people in America are in trouble no matter how today's election turns out...


Though the list of changed lives behind me has grown long...I find myself more war torn and weary than ever before during my 22 years of faith ministry to the nations. As global fear mounts, economies teeter, pressures rise, sin abounds, and Middle Eastern battlefields rage to destroy Israel's existence...finding my way into America's house of God, gaining access to heaven's resource, and staying the course in Jesus' name has grown beyond difficult in my world... Meanwhile, I have encountered unresolved engine troubles with my RV and other challenges as I preach my way toward the holiday season in which turkey and yuletide traditions reign above God's message of the hour in this perilous season. Yet, after having done all in my power to engage my purpose with God's help, my Loving Lord calls me "to stand" as He grants me strength to run the race set before me each day... I have no clue how He will overcome on my behalf, but He does. He is faithful! In this light, please pray for me as I strain ahead to lay hold of that for which God called me heavenward in Christ Jesus... Along the way, I have been blessed to get my book "Author unknown" into the hands of those hungry for the hope, redeemed battles, and victories found within its pages ...

In closing, I simply need God's miraculous intervention if I am to continually and boldly testify to His extravagant goodness to those hopelessly lost around me as I knock to gain access to America's wavering Church... Thank you for all you have offered in love, friendship, and support... Your prayers and encouragement keep me alive to fight the good fight one more day... God bless you dear friend in Jesus' name! Until next time...

In Christ, 


BattleCry Ministries


Location: Colorado Springs, Burlington, Colorado...onward to Hays, Topeka, Lawrence, and Kansas City, my current Mid Missouri resting place...

Moving On

After leaving the Denver, Colorado area making my way to Colorado Springs, I was blessed to park behind Springs Church led by Pastor Gary Wilkerson before making my rounds to distribute books into places like Focus on the Family and others. I later left Colorado Springs on my way toward Burlington, Colorado where I re-connected with the number one bullfighter (rodeo protection) Cory Wall...whom I'd met eleven years earlier. From there, I made my way toward Hays Kansas where I met new people and reconvened with several I met my first time through. Everywhere I go, I find people being stretched at ever-increasing levels in daily life as real circumstances stack on their heavy loads. From Hays, I moved to Lawrence where I was privileged to meet several young philosophy students from Kansas State University. Our time together was both encouraging and enlightening. Next, I pulled into another church in Kansas City, Missouri where I sat down with numerous new people, joined in with regional pastoral meetings, and deepened my relationship with the prior KU Students. Heading eastward...

Sitting Still 

I have now remained in my current location for the past two and a half weeks... Why? First, God compelled me to linger and pray. Second, it is always a significant spiritual season when people everywhere arrive to the Jewish Feast of Trumpets marking the onset of the Ten Days of Awe later ending with Yom Kippur...before they step into the Feast of Tabernacles for seven days. I have been parked next to a local fellowship pastured by friends I met more than eleven years ago on my first walk across America. While here, I have been privileged to speak, entwine in people's daily lives, and spend time with God in prayer. It has indeed been refreshing for me to feel like family while out on the it ever so brief. I have enjoyed good conversation, weeping with people, and granting Jesus deeper access into my own soul...

Season of Purpose

Throughout history, the annual season of fall Jewish feasts has been punctuated with many life-altering events around the globe. As I have paid attention to these seasons over the course of many years...I find 2012 to be more intense than any other I've encountered in my entire lifetime. Despite all unfolding around us in today's world with regard to unparalleled economic, political, military, and prophetic events...for the most part...America's people are oblivious to what is coming upon them...

The Invitation

Cast in the setting of last day's events while sitting around the table in a man's home surrounded by those claiming to know God, Jesus told a story...

A well-known man in the community was getting ready to host a great banquet and invited many leaders and friends to attend. When the day of the banquet arrived, he sent his worker to those invited saying, "Come on, it's time to celebrate." To his dismay however, the schedules of many were already full. The first person said, "I just signed a deal on a new piece of property and need to go look at it...I'm can't make it to your banquet." The second person said, "I just bought a new car and need to look it over before I take delivery...I'll call you later...we can do lunch." Still another person said, "I just got married and am leaving on my honeymoon...I don't have time right now." When the worker returned to tell the host all those who had been invited said, the man got angry and said, "Go to the downtown streets and alleys and bring the poor, crippled, hookers, and drug addicts into my banquet." Later, the man's worker came back saying, "I did what you told me and all I found have arrived and taken their seats...but, we still have room." So, the host told his worker, "Head for the country roads and lanes and make people come to fill my banquet hall." When the banquet hall was packed and the celebration about to begin, the host said, "I will never invite those who were too share my food or spend time with me again" (Paraphrase of Luke 14:15-24).

Point to Ponder

As we consider our individual views, priorities, choices, and activities in daily life...DO WE HAVE...OR WILL WE MAKE TIME for God during this urgent hour as social, economic, and spiritual realities unravel all over the world? Do we care about how those around us are suffering the indignities of injustice? While asking God to meet our needs, fix our problems, and bless our dreams...are we willing to confront ourselves with hard questions and act on tough decisions necessary to preserve our eternal survival with His purpose? Or, do we want God to rubber stamp our wayward plans and freedom as we go our own way without remorse? Dear friend...whether we take declining human condition and world events out of the picture or not...none of us is assured that we will draw our next breath. Since this fact is true...we must ask ourselves the question...are we ready to meet Jesus face-to-face with clear hearts on that day if we were to lose and leave our life in this world today? Lip service without action means nothing to God... So, what are we going to do about it? Please do not underestimate the risk at hand! Meanwhile, please join me as we pray both for ourselves and our nation...


Areas Traveled Since Last Post

Boise, Twin Falls, Mountain Home, Burley, and Rupert, Idaho…Tremonton, Brigham City, Ogden, Farmington, North Salt Lake, Salt Lake City, Park City, Heber City, Duchesne, Roosevelt, and Vernal, Utah.

Currently Parked: Roosevelt, UT / Colorado, here I come!

The Journey Continues

Thus far, my journey has been both interesting and eventful. I have been privileged to reconnect with old friends, make new acquaintances, and land in the middle of helping people on a number of occasions. Traveling the USA on faith provides more than ample opportunities for adventure! It is always great to find myself sitting with a person I’ve never met while being caught up in their life’s unfolding story. From my vantage point…everyone each of us meets weaves one more colored threat through the tapestry of our lives, thereby granting us incredible opportunity to display a masterpiece before God and man each day…

I met one man whose life path carried him from youth’s compulsion, through bar room brawls, out of one marriage into another, beyond public scrutiny, into a real and lasting relationship with God. On another occasion, I crossed paths with seasoned man of God who had been reaching to inner city masses for more than 35 years…was war torn in the cause…and whom found hope in my message. Entering another town in the mountains, I encountered a woman out of gas along the freeway with whom I was honored to help later giving way to find we shared a common faith over a cup of coffee at Starbucks before I moved on. Yet, on another occasion, I locked eyes with a dear pastor friend with whom I had spent much time in the past…and had a chance to catch up and encourage each other. No matter where we travel dear friend…opportunity, adventure, and divine privilege knock on our door each day. Do we hear it…what do we do with it…and what difference could it make if we say, “Yes” and step in?

Radio Interviews

Over the past two weeks, my path has led me into several radio station studios for live interview on broadcast formats ranging from a few states, to national, and international when the shows are accessed by listeners via Internet. Radio is a great mode of communication to those who are driving to car, shut in due to health limitations, having trouble sleeping late at night, or simply searching for hope amid hopeless situations. I am blessed to be invited into such opportunities in which I can spread the word about my book Author unknown in my quest to help all I meet…

Missing Family

As you can imagine…though my journey is adventuresome on one side…it leaves me a bit isolated and detached as my travels leave family behind. I would not trade the opportunity God grants me to meet, help, and befriend those whose lives I’m honored to meet. Yet, my heart longs for home and the familiar during the wee hours of the night when the din of activity falls silent…thoughts for the day grind to a halt, and my concern for those I love leaves me feeling a bit helpless until…my Lord reminds me that He is in control… Jesus is the Lover of our souls and remains ever able to get those He knows are His to their heavenly home.

Book Tour

Thus far, I have been blessed by the fact that 25-30% of those who come to hear me speak in the different venues who invite me…grab a copy of my book Author unknown. My speaking engagements occur in local churches, jails, homeless missions, schools, organizations, on radio, on television, and anywhere else I am offered a chance to share my life journey’s tale. If you would like a copy of Author unknown…you can find it at:

World Events

On the world scene…global uncertainty, social unrest, spiritual decline, and looming events hang heavy on history’s horizon. As I write, Israel is surrounded by aggressive and heavily weaponized foes…Damascus, the world’s oldest city sits poised for destruction as Syria’s military leaders flee to safer havens (Isaiah 17)…domestic surveillance drones are being launched by US government over America to keep tabs on its people…economic collapse threatens multiple nations…weather patterns are wreaking havoc on agricultural crops and food reserves…political tyranny takes a leap to new and unbridles levels…and the God of heaven weeps as He looks upon on His people… Meanwhile, people-at-large who make up both developed and under privileged nations…sleep in the light as God’s message of love falls to the ground silent amid their indifference.

Please Consider

Though we live in America…once the greatest nation on earth…we are unraveling as a culture and creed. It is time we each take stock in the world around us, the needs of those we are responsible for, and the destination our current posture before God promises to deliver us into when history’s all is said and done. Whatever your story is…you are not alone, God cares, and there is hope as He promises to prosper your soul and grant you an eternal future if you simply say, “Yes” to His loving invitation…


Areas Covered Thus Far: Eatonville, Morton, Randal, Packwood, Naches, Yakima, Wapato, Sunnyside, Grandview, Prosser, Tri-Cities, WA…Umatilla, Hermiston, Pendleton, La Grande, Baker City, OR.

Currently Parked in Nampa, ID

On The Road...

After a sluggish spring in the Northwest…summer is finally here! Meanwhile, I am 5 weeks into my book tour and have encountered much already. Issues concerning economy, political uncertainty, social instability, and spiritual unrest are rampant everywhere I turn. It has been interesting to re-trace my first Trans American Walk path traveled back in 2001-02, thereby granting opportunity for me to re-connect with many people and churches I was privileged to meet along my prior trek. Some of what I find is uplifting, some heartbreaking, and the rest trying to my faith as I ask God for clarity on how to speak life into those who cross my path.

I have found that some of those I previously met have risen in stature to fill key positions of leadership…others have been healed of life debilitating maladies…some have traveled to distant places to change the world…others have suffered setbacks…some have died unexpectedly…and life’s invasion has devastated even others. Meanwhile, human need around us multiplies, intervening resources dwindle, public interest wanders, politics run wild, and the Lord of Glory is relegated to being but a by-word to many.

As I look around to notice the impact of increasing world chaos on those in proximity to me…I find myself turning my gaze inward to internal issues in my own life that degrading world condition turns the spotlight on when least expected. In so doing, I find myself asking God to help me be more selfless, kind, loving, humble, and merciful to those I encounter along life’s way. In truth dear friend…all we have to give is ourselves, our time, and our love to others. Nothing else really matters in the eternal scheme of things. Sadly, many are more involved and concerned about achieving financial dominion, recognition in their field of expertise, or comfortable surroundings than…reaching to the homeless, encouraging the broken, and granting refuge to those in need of hope.

Please pray for me… The world around me is unraveling at an ever-increasing pace while the masses drift on a sea of relativism toward their own demise. It troubles me…keeps me awake at night…and compels me to dig deeper within myself to muster the Master’s mercy as He uses me to offer a drink of cool water to those thirsty for life… Until next time…God’s blessings upon you!

Chasing Jesus,




Area: Hoquiam, Aberdeen, Central Park, Montesano, Satsop, Elma, McCleary, Olympia…Washington.

Weather: Cool and rainy with random windows of sun.

My ongoing journey through local communities from Hoquiam to Olympia, WA gave me great opportunity to meet over 40 pastors of diverse denominational background while knocking on more than 60 churches last week to see what is happening in people's daily world. I was invited to a pastor’s gathering and to play golf with them the following Monday on the 18th. Good thing it was a scramble…I’ve only played golf twice in my life. Yet, it was an extended chance to get to know the men on a deeper level in a more relaxed setting. They were inviting, accepting, genuine, and kind. Thanks guys! On another note, I was honored to speak in two separate venues this last week as well with opportunity to distribute my book Author unknown.

As I made my way through the sleepy communities, I found them to bombarded by common threads of teenage struggle, addictions, fragmented families, and economic downturn. Though I met many genuine leaders and people-at-large…the toll extracted by the above traumas was visible and added burden to those who care about people’s lives. Sitting with pastor after pastor in different settings…I was privileged to hear their hearts, get a snapshot of their visions, input when asked, and to pray for their strengthening and victory. Obviously, the pathway God sends me to travel through America’s church fabric affords me a unique vantage point few rarely have opportunity to gain. It is my hope that those things I glean will be allowed to penetrate and bring life to the church at large represented by everyday lives each day.

On Friday the 15th, the sun came out and granted me opportunity to make my way to Ocean Shores, WA where I ended my first walk standing in the surf on August 17, 2002 after completing the trek in Washington, DC. It was a prayerful time to re-visit where I'd been and to ask God questions about where I am going. I pondered all upon the beach, stopped into the same restaurant to get a bowl of clam chowder, and made my way back to my RV.

Please pray that God will continue to lead, empower, and protect me with all I need to get the job done. Until later, keep your eyes on the things that matter as those things which are not fall away. People remain more valuable than possessions… Blessings until then…




Today, I began my first door knocking on local churches to meet pastors of all denominations in in two seemingly sleepy coastal towns in Washington State for Book Tour 2012 across America.

As I left my RV this morning which was parked in a local Wallmart parking lot where I arrived a bit after midnight last night...the first thing I witnessed as I drove across the bridge was two police cars lights flashing and...the lifeless body of a mid-20's young woman lying dead on the sidewalk. Next, I arrived to a local propane supplier attended by two Christian people who began telling me of the stronghold drugs, violence, and death had on the otherwise considered to be on these supposedly "sleepy towns"...all without my inquiry. In the very first moments of my tour's beginning...God was already active in revealing the spiritual environment He was thrusting me into for the purpose of bringing truth, hope, and life to a struggling world.

Moving beyond the above events...I began knocking on one church after another in my effort to encounter and get to know local pastors. The first 3 churches were vacant before arrving to my 4th possibility. Upon my arrival, I was warmly greeted by a long-tenured charismatic pastor who had been on task in his fellowship for almost 36 years. He had a deep knowlege of his church's history, in-depth grasp of Scripture, and an obvious protective...yet expectant love...for his people. The next pastor was of Luthern persuasion and proved to be deeply devoted to his flock as one determined to reproduce the reaching and radical love of Christ in his people. And, the 3rd pastor I encoutered was Baptist and began warming up to me to the point he invited me to park in his lot, hook up to his electricity, and wi-fi. All of them expressed a possibility for having me address different parts of their fellowships. Please pray for the impact of the book God entrusted to me to write...Author unknown.

Please pray for continued open doors. It is my passion and hope to see God's message through my life multiply and penetrate the masses on a level which results in a changed world for God's glory and the welfare of those to whom I am sent. Until next time dear freind...God's richest blessings upon you!

In Christ,




Greetings! After completing my 2nd walk across America, getting my book "Author unknown" published and in print, making it back to my home town, and navigating a battery of medical procedures to verify I'm still is time to resume my blog to keep those of you following me, updated.

One would assume that concluding the above activities would return a person to a position of rest. However, in my case, I experienced several weeks of growing more and more tired as the ongoing demands of continent walking and book authoring decompressed and exited my being. Now on the other side of it all...with new vision rising and while working out physically to prepare for what lies ahead...I am regaining my gusto on all fronts as God renews my strength.

We as God's people, have entered an entirely new and unique spiritual season throughout the earth in which global events, economic instabilities, cultural clashes, and military interventions are growing increasingly commonplace. We stand at a juncture in human history that has never occurred before, nor will it occur again. Meanwhile, rival superpowers have gathered around Israel, political leaders are posturing, and almost certain war efforts loom large on the horizon just as the bible foretold. And yet, we as believers have assurance of God's overshadowing protection if we truly place our trust in Him through Jesus Christ.

In light of the Scriptural statement, "Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold," we must realize that maintaining and growing in our faith will require increasing effort on our parts to achieve. What does it look like when people's love grows cold? Have you experienced people, or even yourself, putting themselves first, not keeping committments, not having time for others, putting money ahead of God, or protecting self before defending others to name a few? Well, love growing cold kind of looks like that... Let me put it this way... If wickedness increases five-fold, then our pursuit of God must increase five-fold to keep up to simply maintain. If we want to actually grow as believers...our pursuit of God must outpace the increase of wickedness to occur. Sadly, most are yielding to life pressures, bowing to immediate demands, and walking by sight as they expect God to wait until things get easier. Unfortunately, things will not improve in such a scenario, they will continue to decline because God has been pushed to the sidelines in our life priorities. It is an urgent hour of unparalleled challenge, spiritual bombardment, and temptation to compromise. None of us are one.

I am currently making prepartions and praying through launching out again on another west-to-east cross-country trip to preach, encounter emerging warriors, and spread the time-critical message contained in my new book that is hot off the press. In my book, I lay my own life bare with regard to how God called me into His service, what His voice sounds like, what it is like to rise to it in the midst of real life challenges, and the miracles He performs through us when we simply say, "Yes!" You can learn more at:

I am praying about what mode of travel (i.e. walking, cycling, or driving) God would have me employ for another journey as I seek to be in step with His level of urgency. Please pray that God would grant me vision, wisdom, favor, faith, and resource as I prepare to step out far beyond myself once again to do His bidding. Though I know it will be full of adventure, engaging the task will also extract its price within me as I lay myself before Him each day for the benefit of others. Each day, I am reminded of human need all around me from the time I wake up to the moment my head comes to rest on my pillow. Many-a-night, God wakes me up in the third watch of the night to contemplate and pray for those He lays on my heart. So, I appreciate your prayers and encouragement as He leads me on for His glory. Until next time...God's richest blessings upon you!





Current Location: From Jacksonville, FL over past 5 weeks to now coming to temporary rest in the Los Angeles area.

Ongoing Activities / Please pray!

I have used the past 5 weeks to re-group, rest, and recover while writing, preaching, and doing lost of driving toward the west coast. Many lives have changed, world events continue to escalate daily, and spiritual pressure in the world around us deepens. One does not have to look far to see human discouragement, uncertainty, and disorientation. 

I am flying out of LAX on Saturday November 5th to preach in the Kansas City area of several days at a church I met back in 2001 on my first walk across the USA.  The Lord has laid much on my heart to share as I revisit old and yet unmet new friends.  Please pray for God's messages to arise within and flow through my life to those who are hungry for liberty, change, and life.

I have given much thought and prayer to my days ahead over the past several months. In light of all I see going on around me and throughout the globe…I am compelled to get even deeper engaged in helping people unravel their personal worlds to achieve victory within. It is an urgent hour both social and spiritually in the world we live.

Please continue to pray for my soon completion of the book I have been writing over the past 4 plus months. I am within a couple weeks or less of completion with regard to writing time. Unfortunately, circumstances and logistical challenges have impeded my progress as of late.  Current increasing levels of opposition make the obvious rise in world unrest palpable.  Please ask God to send those who can hold my arms up in battle in all different manners necessary to my bring glory to God among the lives of those He entrusts to my care...

Please pay attention to the world around us…much is at hand that will ever-change and dismantle human existence as we know it. World events give heaven voice as they rise straight of the pages of the bible each day… Keep your eyes in the east dear friend… God’s blessings upon you!

In Christ,





feetatlanticsm209282011At 7:18 pm September 28, 2011…I officially finished my TransAmerican Walk at sundown at the onset of Rosh Hashanah (Feast of Trumpets) on the Hannah Park Beach in Jacksonville, Florida ankle deep in the Atlantic waters. I sounded my shofar at that precise moment with one 3 second blast toward the east, 3 broken blasts toward the south, 9 short blasts toward the west, and 1 ten second blast toward the north. Then, I prayed as God directed and made one final circuit of shofar blasts. At the end of all…I said, “It is finished” and left the beach in the dark…alone. It’s always interesting how these events in my life end…alone. I was the only one on the beach at the time of my completion.

I left Jacksonville, FL on Friday September 30, 2011 to re-trace my path westward to preach and write my book on my way toward home. Please continue to pray that the book God has inspired me to write will come together for His glory and the benefit of those who read it. I will continue to update my blog along the way…so, stay tuned. Thanks and God bless you in Jesus’ name!

In Christ,






Today on 09-18-2011, I moved my RV forward to my Trans-American Walk 2010-2011 destination city of Jacksonville, Florida where I plan to conclude walking by September 28th or before Lord willing....lots a hoofin yet to do.  I have now been on the road for 11 1/2 months. The past several weeks have been eventful, plagued by challenges, and productive in many ways. God has been good to me! Weather has been hot with occasional showers with moderate humidity.

The United Nations votes on Palestine Statehood this week. The outcome of this vote will change the course of history if Statehood is granted due to its impact on Israel’s position as a sovereign nation.   Sadly, most of the world is pro-Palestine. America’s current administration offers little or no support to Israel either…a position that will put our nation in peril if not corrected before it is too late.

I would appreciate your prayers now as I culminate my walk, finish writing my book, and make decisions with regard to my journey preaching my way home over the next few weeks. My journey has given me great opportunity to reach and minister too many. Likewise, I have encountered many who struggle with severe life issues of many types. It is my cry that God grants those help and hope amid their trying hours… Please join me as together…we remain watchful and pray. It is an urgent hour!

In Christ,




Area: From Marianna / Malone through Cypress, Chattahoochee, Rosedale, Quincy, Midway, Lakewood, and into Tallahassee, FL

On The Go... 

hurricanesignbeaumontsmall07092011I have been on the go, walking, knocking on church doors, preaching, trying to finish writing a book, meeting people in Starbucks and on the road, staying in God’s word, praying lots, rising through dwindling funds, and keeping my eyes stayed on the mark. Though I have walked by, Tallahassee is 201 miles from the beach in Jacksonville, FL…my walk’s destination point. I arrived into Tallahassee with my RV on Thursday 09-08-2011 and parked behind a local church gracious enough to offer me hospitality.

Amid The Battle...

Please accept my apology for my delays between posts as of late. I have been both navigating the above and trying to overcome an extreme lung infection that has been debilitating at best. I am finally rising out of it and returning to full strength. The past few weeks have been a challenge as I have reached within to stay my course through it all as I near the coast bombarded by one hurricane or storm one after another. Please pray for me as I make my final approach to the coast over the next couple of weeks and do my utmost to pen the remainder of my book. It is an urgent hour within which we live as global leadership takes their stance to recognize or deny Palestine’s right to exist as a nation. The resulting outcome will likely chart an irreversible course… Please pray for our leaders as we of the world peer through the door into an approaching season foretold long ago… God’s richest upon you until later…

In Christ,




Area: From Loxley, Alabama to Pensacola onward to Milton, FL


floridasignsmall09012011Please forgive my delinquent update…but, a lot has been happening around me on multiple fronts... I arrived into Florida on Thursday 08-25-2011. It was nice to finally be in my last state prior to walk completion. It has been a long journey…

My reason for delayed update stems from being surrounded by and trying to process all happening around the world. I believe it possible that September 2011 may mark a pivotal month in many areas while world events loom large on the horizon. For instance…September marks the United Nations Grand Assembly held between the 15th and 28th during which a vote will be taken on whether or not to validate Palestine’s existence as a nation. If this occurs, it will have deep-reaching consequences in Israel’s future. Likewise, we have another Supermoon that will occur on September 27 similar to the one which immediately followed the March 2011 8.9 earthquake in Japan. Also, we have just experienced Hurricane Irene doing great damage up the east coast and are seeing an upsurge of storm activity in prior US regions previously devastated. I have been studying earthquake incidence, doing historical comparisons on hurricane magnitudes and paths, looking at this year’s tornadoes, and am doing my best to see how they may correlate with other converging events.  Studying the names attached to hurricanes is interesting in their biblical contexts.

Meanwhile, I am trying to finish my book by walk’s end in late September as well. As I review prior persoanal journals penned during extended fasts at key junctures in my life…I am discovering many similarities in today’s surrounding events that line up with a prior seasons and dates. So, the above have otherwise occupied my time pulling me away from writing this blog.

In closing…please know dear friend that many things now occurring upon the earth very much resemble what was foretold in Scripture. We cannot know the day or hour of His return…but, we can know the season. Therefore, please be watchful and pray as we keep our eyes on Israel, Palestine, the United Nations, natural disasters, and other vocal aspects of daily life. Until later…God bless you in Jesus’ name! 

In Christ,




Copyright protected worldwide / BattleCry Ministries - Greg Benner August 2011.  These materials may not be used or distributed without written permission.    


Area: Slidell, La to Diamondhead, Gulfport, Biloxi, De’Iverville, Ocean City, MS...walking toward Mobile, Alabama

Weather: Mid to upper 90’s humidity medium to high


mississippisignsmall08112011Sorry for the delayed update...I've been walking and hiding to write my book...  As I came out of New Orleans through Slidell, passage marked a real shift in weather, culture, and church dynamics as I came into Gulfport, Mississippi back on Thursday August 11.  While in New Orleans, thunder and lightning hammered hard…rain pelted…and people scurried for cover.  My passage over long bridges across the end of Lake Pontchartrain was not permitted on foot, but resumed on other side.  As I crossed the Louisiana-Mississippi border highway scenery changed from dense undergrowth to road’s edge to grasses and a mix of deciduous and evergreen trees.  And highways especially…were smoother missing all the thump-a-thump-a-thump cracks across Louisiana I was blessed to discover a church (Pass Road Baptist) in Gulfport, that was both equipped for and willing to allow me to park my RV for the entire time I was in the area walking and writing on my book.  As I write, I have walked onward well toward Mobile, Alabama where I'll be parked tomorrow Lord willing...

Gulf Beaches

gulfportbeachsunsmall08152011Finally landing on beaches was one of the greatest treats after more than 2,200 miles on foot across inner cities, suburbs, wastelands, deserts, metropolitan areas, bayous, swamps, and multi-flavor spiritual dynamics.  Upon my arrival and connection to power at the church…I commenced to review book notes I had been gathering since the onset of my trek last October 2010 and began putting chapters in final written form.  I walked, talked to those I met on the street, beaches, in coffee shops, and in churches I visited looking for venues to preach.  Those I met on beaches were a diverse bunch coming from all over the central and southern United States for a time of relaxation…to ponder the jobs they had either lost or were interviewing for…climbing out of hate’s maze after serving murderous tours in Iraq during some of its bloodiest battles…or to live beneath a bridge homeless due to their recent release from 8 year prison stint as a 26 year old man.   All-tolled, I found people to be warm, open, inviting, and yet searching for internal refuge from the escalating storms brewing in America’s economy, society, and spirituality winds.  Most were somehow caught in life’s crossfire uncertain as to the ensuing outcome…


gulfportbeachsmall09132011I was truly inspired to write as I walked the beaches, said hello to passers-by, prayed with the unknown, and stood to gaze out over gulf water’s expanse as mild breezes blew and ripples lapped at the shore.  My mind meandered through places I’ve been, weather I’ve endured, people I’ve met, and insights about myself and the world around me God had given…  Some made me smile, others made me cry…but, all marked me for life…  My encounter with America’s wandering condition has delivered me to realizations most in our great land will never have opportunity to see.  Though our America has long-offered home to the brave and land to the free…my frame is pierced by what I see looming on her horizon…  As with mates in love with each other and parents who love their kids…one sense of danger and desire to defend rises up when threat knocks at the door…  Sadly, many live detached lives buried in the mire of declining morals, social tension, rising debt, growing unemployment, and unawareness of what is occurring in the lives just over the fence.  Likewise, many good people have lost tether to true reality as technology’s bombardment with fantasy, spun media, and artificial economic rallies paint a picture of reality that doesn’t exist.  I am concerned as I watch those I love and those I meet wade across the resulting river hoping they make their way safely to its other shore…  Dear friend…our individual, corporate, and national future is on the line.  Please…take note, listen carefully, and pursue the Master of your souls Who loves you while He still may be found...  His name is Jesus, the yet Living and Loving Lord…  Please remember, “None of us” is assured of tomorrow…


One Step at a Time,




Area: Broussard-Lafayette to Baton Rouge to New Orleans, LA

Weather: Hot and humid…in mid to high 90’s with heat index up to 114 F.

Meeting People

gregpicneworleanssmall09092011I love meeting and getting to know people…it is one of my favorite adventures! Every person we meet becomes one more colored thread woven into the fabric of our lives that ultimately unrolls the tapestry we portray to others. Do you want your life to reveal a masterpiece? Well then…meet people, get to know them, and share your lives for each other’s good!  

My trail has crossed with many great people like YG a joy-filled quad amputee in Wes Covina…Dallas the wandering young musician in Montclair…Kimberly the Christian taxi driver in Palm Springs…Joseph the displaced pastor and publisher from Mississippi God was talking to about Israel amid the California dry lands…Mike and Linda feeding the homeless for 23 years in Quartzite…Ex-biker Mark and wife Thelma doing street ministry in multiple cities…Pastor Ron planting six new fellowships on his home church turf in Phoenix…Petor from Poland on his 20,000 kilometer walk around the world for peace…Pastor Bob hacking out a new church in Arizona’s darkest region…Juan in Starbucks confessing his bitterness and need for Jesus… Colonel George (87) who braved 3 tours to Korea and Viet Nam on submarines, in fighters, and as a test pilot who saw his plane disappear mid flight at 28,000 feet… Texas Eddie who was beaten for leaving national biker gang leadership in his pursuit of Christ…Don (83) and Beverly traveling from Texas to Argentina to pray for people…Del the Christian country music entertainer of the year award-winner…Tyrone (64) traveling on bicycle throughout CA-AZ-TX on faith…Marlon putting on Last Days For Christ in Texas and Louisiana… Jessica the IHOP waitress chasing God in faith…Prayer warrior Karen blessing others as she fought through cancer at the cost of her life…Blake and Nichi who pour their lives into Louisiana marriages… Pastor Jacob embracing God’s vision to plant 100 churches and raise young leaders in Louisiana…and many others I have mentioned in past posts. 

During my journey…I have sat, talked, and prayed with homeless people, leaders, senators, gang members, rising musicians, single moms, police officers, drug addicts, grieving families, thugs, women of the street, people in the hood, governors, voodoo shop owners, businessmen, exchange students on beaches, cab drivers, convenience store clerks, reporters, and others untold…. My life fabric is taking on new texture each day… Who knows those I am yet to meet…and why? God’s perfect will is indeed an adventure!  Curious?  Read more below..



From Texas-Louisiana border past Sulfur through Lake Charles through Jennings into Lafayette to land temporarily in Broussard, LA.  Moving RV forward to Baton Rouge soon...

Wind and Rain

It is always interesting waking up to ever-changing weather each day.   Many times, I find weather patterns shift from normal to out-of-the-ordinary as I walk into different areas. This is not about me…it is about going into all the world in Jesus’ name. On my last walk in 2001-2002…I was amazed walking through Kansas in December in 60 degree F temperatures, when it would normally be in the 20’s. It was commonplace for me to see a hole in the clouds over my location on Doppler weather reports being televised.  It was even stranger to fly out to speak elsewhere and see the hole in the clouds disappear, temperatures drop to the 20’s, and then watch temps rise back into the 60’s with the hole re-appearing upon my return. This walk has been no different, except for the type of weather extremes I experience.  I explained some of this on my last blog post.

The presence of God in His people always goes before us to antagonize and dispel darkness wherever the two collide in Jesus’ name. Truth offends the lie…light pierces darkness…and life resurrects that which is dead if invited in. All darkness must bow beneath the name and Lordship of Jesus Christ…end of subject.

Air Waves

As I also mentioned…the presence of darkness affects things in the physical realm. Remember, satan is the prince of the power of the air. Likewise; cell phones, air cards, pagers, etcetera operate through “air waves” within the physical realm Gad gave satan a level of dominion over. As a result…my cell phones and mobile internet services were curtailed the deeper I walked in to Louisiana oppression comprised of many specific strongholds. Please understand…this is not a negative statement about Louisiana. This explanation merely describes how the presence of darkness opposes God's superior light as satan does his best to fight the inevitable…his own destruction.   God is a God of contrast…He is the Great Painter if-you-will. Therefore, any region that resides beneath more powerful principalities has increased potential to beam forth with greater levels of God’s glorious light revealing Him to a lost world! 

Light Out of the Darkness

Though much of my journey has taken me through places and people bombarded by the economy, fear, and violence…I do find areas where life, love, and liberty shine forth brightly. Many people or groups within what calls itself the church have fallen prey to religious exercise, conjuring up glory, rebuilding past moves, and withdrawing behind their walls at this critical juncture in human history just prior to Christ’s return. Based on Scripture, we know scoffers will ask “where is this coming.”  But, Jesus told us we could recognize the season of His return based on signs and events unfolding around us. Dear friend, it’s here! Everything foretold by Jesus and other gospel writers is occurring all over the globe. Yet, religionists and the lukewarm fight for the upper hand in their persecution of heaven's rising bride of Christ (church) now emerging out of current church culture in America.  Their hopes are miss-guided as they do their best to purchase deception's grip on an empty and lifeless religion without power. Sadly for those so inclined…Truth is still embodied in Jesus Who radically declared that an entirely different approach to God was required for one to gain entrance into the banquet hall at the wedding feast of the Lamb. With this in mind, what kind of people ought we to be? 

I am encouraged every time I find bastions of light and love evidenced by lifestyle shining out of people's surrounding darkness. It fuels my faith that God will surely reign victorious in His people called according to His purpose, when and “if” they pursue Him with whole hearts (Jeremiah 29:13). God feeds hunger, transforms thinking, restores wholeness as He loves the unlovable and forgives the unforgivable like you and me. If you are hungry, confused, and feeling isolated amid life's battle…hope is on the way in Jesus’ name! More later… 

In Christ,




Copyright Protected Worldwide / BattleCry Ministries – Greg Benner July 2011. These materials may not be distributed or used without permission.


Area: Time in Beaumont onward through Vidor and Orange, TX and across the Louisiana boarder…yea!

Weather: 99 – 103 degrees F, 75 – 90% humidity, 108 – 112 degree F heat index, some rain.


louisianasignsmall07152011My path left Texas behind as I walked across the Louisiana State Line today on 07-15-2011 trading desert dryness for high humidity. Translation: more sweat and more water…

Along the Way 

Thus far, my trek across our great nation has been both arduous and exciting. I meet people of all types, backgrounds, nationalities, and beliefs at every turn. Daily logistics are ever-changing as I move from low elevation to high, dry climate to wet, populated areas to remote, solid ground to swamps, and from hot to hotter weather. Besides walking: I meet pastors, people in Starbucks, convenience store clerks, auto part specialists, homeless people, and the occasional divinely dispatched repairman who comes to help me get my RV back on course.   On the way down from Washington back in October 2010, I blew a hydraulic fan coupling. In Phoenix, my windshield began letting go. In Chandler, AZ…my power inverter died. In Channelview, TX…my rear suspension broke loose. And in Beaumont, TX…my windshield gasket finally forced me to have my glass R & R’d. I’m not sure what is more challenging…walking a continent or keeping an RV to live in while doing it…on the road. Either way, God has been faithful and I have been privileged to meet a wonderful group of people He sent at strategic moments to get me back in the game.   "Read more" below to see how He carries me out of the desert into new frontiers...

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