Areas Traveled Since Last Post

Boise, Twin Falls, Mountain Home, Burley, and Rupert, Idaho…Tremonton, Brigham City, Ogden, Farmington, North Salt Lake, Salt Lake City, Park City, Heber City, Duchesne, Roosevelt, and Vernal, Utah.

Currently Parked: Roosevelt, UT / Colorado, here I come!

The Journey Continues

Thus far, my journey has been both interesting and eventful. I have been privileged to reconnect with old friends, make new acquaintances, and land in the middle of helping people on a number of occasions. Traveling the USA on faith provides more than ample opportunities for adventure! It is always great to find myself sitting with a person I’ve never met while being caught up in their life’s unfolding story. From my vantage point…everyone each of us meets weaves one more colored threat through the tapestry of our lives, thereby granting us incredible opportunity to display a masterpiece before God and man each day…

I met one man whose life path carried him from youth’s compulsion, through bar room brawls, out of one marriage into another, beyond public scrutiny, into a real and lasting relationship with God. On another occasion, I crossed paths with seasoned man of God who had been reaching to inner city masses for more than 35 years…was war torn in the cause…and whom found hope in my message. Entering another town in the mountains, I encountered a woman out of gas along the freeway with whom I was honored to help later giving way to find we shared a common faith over a cup of coffee at Starbucks before I moved on. Yet, on another occasion, I locked eyes with a dear pastor friend with whom I had spent much time in the past…and had a chance to catch up and encourage each other. No matter where we travel dear friend…opportunity, adventure, and divine privilege knock on our door each day. Do we hear it…what do we do with it…and what difference could it make if we say, “Yes” and step in?

Radio Interviews

Over the past two weeks, my path has led me into several radio station studios for live interview on broadcast formats ranging from a few states, to national, and international when the shows are accessed by listeners via Internet. Radio is a great mode of communication to those who are driving to car, shut in due to health limitations, having trouble sleeping late at night, or simply searching for hope amid hopeless situations. I am blessed to be invited into such opportunities in which I can spread the word about my book Author unknown in my quest to help all I meet…

Missing Family

As you can imagine…though my journey is adventuresome on one side…it leaves me a bit isolated and detached as my travels leave family behind. I would not trade the opportunity God grants me to meet, help, and befriend those whose lives I’m honored to meet. Yet, my heart longs for home and the familiar during the wee hours of the night when the din of activity falls silent…thoughts for the day grind to a halt, and my concern for those I love leaves me feeling a bit helpless until…my Lord reminds me that He is in control… Jesus is the Lover of our souls and remains ever able to get those He knows are His to their heavenly home.

Book Tour

Thus far, I have been blessed by the fact that 25-30% of those who come to hear me speak in the different venues who invite me…grab a copy of my book Author unknown. My speaking engagements occur in local churches, jails, homeless missions, schools, organizations, on radio, on television, and anywhere else I am offered a chance to share my life journey’s tale. If you would like a copy of Author unknown…you can find it at:

World Events

On the world scene…global uncertainty, social unrest, spiritual decline, and looming events hang heavy on history’s horizon. As I write, Israel is surrounded by aggressive and heavily weaponized foes…Damascus, the world’s oldest city sits poised for destruction as Syria’s military leaders flee to safer havens (Isaiah 17)…domestic surveillance drones are being launched by US government over America to keep tabs on its people…economic collapse threatens multiple nations…weather patterns are wreaking havoc on agricultural crops and food reserves…political tyranny takes a leap to new and unbridles levels…and the God of heaven weeps as He looks upon on His people… Meanwhile, people-at-large who make up both developed and under privileged nations…sleep in the light as God’s message of love falls to the ground silent amid their indifference.

Please Consider

Though we live in America…once the greatest nation on earth…we are unraveling as a culture and creed. It is time we each take stock in the world around us, the needs of those we are responsible for, and the destination our current posture before God promises to deliver us into when history’s all is said and done. Whatever your story is…you are not alone, God cares, and there is hope as He promises to prosper your soul and grant you an eternal future if you simply say, “Yes” to His loving invitation…

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