Area: From Marianna / Malone through Cypress, Chattahoochee, Rosedale, Quincy, Midway, Lakewood, and into Tallahassee, FL

On The Go... 

hurricanesignbeaumontsmall07092011I have been on the go, walking, knocking on church doors, preaching, trying to finish writing a book, meeting people in Starbucks and on the road, staying in God’s word, praying lots, rising through dwindling funds, and keeping my eyes stayed on the mark. Though I have walked by, Tallahassee is 201 miles from the beach in Jacksonville, FL…my walk’s destination point. I arrived into Tallahassee with my RV on Thursday 09-08-2011 and parked behind a local church gracious enough to offer me hospitality.

Amid The Battle...

Please accept my apology for my delays between posts as of late. I have been both navigating the above and trying to overcome an extreme lung infection that has been debilitating at best. I am finally rising out of it and returning to full strength. The past few weeks have been a challenge as I have reached within to stay my course through it all as I near the coast bombarded by one hurricane or storm one after another. Please pray for me as I make my final approach to the coast over the next couple of weeks and do my utmost to pen the remainder of my book. It is an urgent hour within which we live as global leadership takes their stance to recognize or deny Palestine’s right to exist as a nation. The resulting outcome will likely chart an irreversible course… Please pray for our leaders as we of the world peer through the door into an approaching season foretold long ago… God’s richest upon you until later…

In Christ,



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