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tennesseeweb11012012The past two plus weeks have been an interesting season along my pathway.  Since leaving my home state of Washington back in late May 2012…many ever-adjusting encounters, issues, and realities have crossed my trail.  As one can imagine, it is always interesting to both re-connect with prior friends from ten years earlier and…to connect with new people for the first time.  In this sense, the dynamic of my unfolding pathway is always new.  Why?  It is both uplifting, and sometimes heart breaking to re-connect with those from before who have either remained in or been dislodged from their previous location, profession, capacity, and/or situation.  Likewise, it is exciting to meet new personalities who add a new ingredient to my ongoing equation.  In light of it all, the voice of God and man’s emerging condition before Him continue to speak…

Moving Heavenward

As I have moved forward day-by-day stepping back into people’s worlds or into new first time meetings…it has been obvious that the tone and underpinnings of America’s recent pre and post election process heavily impacted our nation.  To some, the outcome brought rejoicing…to others, deep concern…rattling them to their core.  In many cases, the disconnect between these two vantage points was based more on fiscal responsibility and foreign policy, than on what does or does not grieve the heart of our holy and loving God.  Sadly, our people-at-large have grown more concerned with protecting their immediate physical self-focused reality, than guarding their long-term and eternal destinies by living rightly before God and man.  As a result, America’s prior enjoyment of being heralded as the greatest nation on earth…is being actively plundered by her plummeting economic stability, social objectivity, moral deviancy, and fragmenting spirituality.  And yet, along the way, I encounter genuine upstanding men, women, and children scattered among the masses I meet…who long for and practice dynamic and life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ as openly evidenced in the way they live and love others.  We must realize…that America only has potential to recover her position of renown in direct proportion with the lifestyle integrity those numbered among her citizens are willing to actually live…

Book Distribution

Please continue to stand with me in prayer that my recent book “Author unknown” will find its way into the hands and hearts of those it was destined to impact.  At God’s direction, I wrote it to change lives…not to make money.  And yet, it takes money to continue printing more.  So, please pray for the Lord to cause hunger in His people to read it…and…to anoint the book’s message and deliver it with life-changing power!  Thanks! 


As we head into the holiday season, I notice that people’s typical transition toward levity and festivity is more subdued in light of unfolding global tensions.  It is important that we realize and adjust to the fact that life pressures and impending change are not unique to America…they are worldwide.  Consequently, we as individual people have entered a season in which the air is a bit thicker, colors a bit dimmer, and hope seemingly a bit more distant to man though they do not grasp why.  When people created in the image of God distance themselves from Him through miss-guided living…heaviness in the atmosphere results.  Fortunately, there is an answer available to all who are willing to remedy the issue on God’s terms.  If we are willing to identify, own, and correct those things in our lives with His help which estrange us from the realization of God’s loving kindness…He remains faithful to gather us into His arms to restore us with mercy's unconditional love through His only Son…Jesus.  For me, this truth boils down to a simple choice dear friend…my way or His.  In reality, He only asks us to give up that which helps Him protect us from ourselves…because…He loves us unconditionally, forever!  That dear friend is life’s most incredible opportunity and available reality...which carries with it...heaven's radical power to transform our lives from mere drudgery to unimaginable adventure!  It is my hope and prayer that you will encounter this life-giving and loving Jesus face-to-face at a level greater than ever before…so…you will truly experience thanksgiving in abundance with family and friends!   As I stay the course while making my final 150 mile approach to the Charleston’s Atlantic coast...be blessed in Jesus’ name!

Chasing the King,



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