Today, I began my first door knocking on local churches to meet pastors of all denominations in in two seemingly sleepy coastal towns in Washington State for Book Tour 2012 across America.

As I left my RV this morning which was parked in a local Wallmart parking lot where I arrived a bit after midnight last night...the first thing I witnessed as I drove across the bridge was two police cars lights flashing and...the lifeless body of a mid-20's young woman lying dead on the sidewalk. Next, I arrived to a local propane supplier attended by two Christian people who began telling me of the stronghold drugs, violence, and death had on the otherwise considered to be on these supposedly "sleepy towns"...all without my inquiry. In the very first moments of my tour's beginning...God was already active in revealing the spiritual environment He was thrusting me into for the purpose of bringing truth, hope, and life to a struggling world.

Moving beyond the above events...I began knocking on one church after another in my effort to encounter and get to know local pastors. The first 3 churches were vacant before arrving to my 4th possibility. Upon my arrival, I was warmly greeted by a long-tenured charismatic pastor who had been on task in his fellowship for almost 36 years. He had a deep knowlege of his church's history, in-depth grasp of Scripture, and an obvious protective...yet expectant love...for his people. The next pastor was of Luthern persuasion and proved to be deeply devoted to his flock as one determined to reproduce the reaching and radical love of Christ in his people. And, the 3rd pastor I encoutered was Baptist and began warming up to me to the point he invited me to park in his lot, hook up to his electricity, and wi-fi. All of them expressed a possibility for having me address different parts of their fellowships. Please pray for the impact of the book God entrusted to me to write...Author unknown.

Please pray for continued open doors. It is my passion and hope to see God's message through my life multiply and penetrate the masses on a level which results in a changed world for God's glory and the welfare of those to whom I am sent. Until next time dear freind...God's richest blessings upon you!

In Christ,



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