As believers, most of us simply find ourselves as everyday people who love Jesus! Each day, we get up and do our best to obey God's Word out of deep appreciation for all He has done for us. As our individual testimonies show, not one of us is, not one. In my own life I am merely a man continues to be radically changed by God's love and forgiveness as I stand in His tender grace each day. He has freed me to experience indescribable adventure conceived in the heart of God for my enjoyment and His good pleasure! If life is getting you down, I challenge you to join me as we leap into the loving arms of Jesus with the faith of a child.

Over the past ten years, I have sensed a growing "urgency" in the heart of God as He reaches to His Bride (church) and a dying world. This truth finds basis in people's lifestyles, newspaper headlines, and ever-declining social and spiritual values as "the love of most grows cold." Scripture reveals this cross-tensional paradox between heaven's growing urgency and degenerating social, spiritual, and supernatural realities in Kingdom culture just prior to His return "due to the increase of wickedness."

Recently, an unparalleled shift has occurred in Kingdom intensity and tone as the Bride of Christ "...prepares herself..." for the wedding feast of the Lamb. Those true believers numbered among the once flirtatious, adulterous, and wayward Bride now long to consummate with their King (Christ) as they journey to attend heaven's marriage ceremony. Kingdom priorities are emerging...intimate hunger is rising...and covenant commitment is finding voice as the allure of the bride's Soon-to-be Groom beckons from His inner chambers. And yet; those steeped in religion, mastered by power, or bound by oppression pour fuel on the fire of opposition to the heart and character of "Thee Living God." Lines have been drawn, paths have been chosen, forces have gathered, and the clash between heaven and hell are on history's horizon. Now is the time for is the time for is the time to make one's calling and election sure in Jesus' name. It is time to get on or get get in our get out...and to choose the eternal destinies of others over ourselves at any cost!

Sadly, as in the days of Noah, people's lives today wander in worldly passions oblivious to prophetic Kingdom events unfolding around the globe at break-neck speed. Christ will return based on God's time line established before the foundations of the world were laid whether we are ready...or not. He will not re-write His eternal plan to excuse people's sin, ignorance, rebellion, or willful neglect of their responsibilities in His eyes.

If Jesus returned tomorrow, would He find us faithful to the task He gave us? If not, Scripture calls us to yield ourselves through life-giving repentance and obedience to all He has called us to do. Our surrender beneath His Almighty hand each day will rouse His forgiveness, restoration, and re-creational power in our lives for His glory and our good! Please join me...don't wait...God's incredible adventure is lurking just around the corner eagerly waiting to change our lives and the world around us forever!

It's time to start walking out your faith!


In Christ,


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