Area: Time in Beaumont onward through Vidor and Orange, TX and across the Louisiana boarder…yea!

Weather: 99 – 103 degrees F, 75 – 90% humidity, 108 – 112 degree F heat index, some rain.


louisianasignsmall07152011My path left Texas behind as I walked across the Louisiana State Line today on 07-15-2011 trading desert dryness for high humidity. Translation: more sweat and more water…

Along the Way 

Thus far, my trek across our great nation has been both arduous and exciting. I meet people of all types, backgrounds, nationalities, and beliefs at every turn. Daily logistics are ever-changing as I move from low elevation to high, dry climate to wet, populated areas to remote, solid ground to swamps, and from hot to hotter weather. Besides walking: I meet pastors, people in Starbucks, convenience store clerks, auto part specialists, homeless people, and the occasional divinely dispatched repairman who comes to help me get my RV back on course.   On the way down from Washington back in October 2010, I blew a hydraulic fan coupling. In Phoenix, my windshield began letting go. In Chandler, AZ…my power inverter died. In Channelview, TX…my rear suspension broke loose. And in Beaumont, TX…my windshield gasket finally forced me to have my glass R & R’d. I’m not sure what is more challenging…walking a continent or keeping an RV to live in while doing it…on the road. Either way, God has been faithful and I have been privileged to meet a wonderful group of people He sent at strategic moments to get me back in the game.   "Read more" below to see how He carries me out of the desert into new frontiers...

Out of the Desert

desertroadsmall11262010Based on my route, 900 miles of Texas was a long walk… When God told me I was walking into the desert at the onset of my journey on the end of Santa Monica pier, I did not fully grasp the physical, emotional, and spiritual impact of its looming 1,800 mile expanse. It was simply gut-wrenching as I pounded sand across California, Arizona, New Mexico, and most of Texas before hitting humidity near the Gulf of Mexico just a few miles from crossing the Louisiana State line. Beyond sheer desert immensity…parched elements like futility, detachment, loneliness, and feeling a bit overwhelmed raised their dusty voices against my faith with each step I took. Some days…the silence was deafening as I plowed past cactus, side-stepped tumbleweeds, tracked roadrunners, and licked my lips across a sun-baked land. Yet, along the bedeviled pathway…my thirsty spirit finds its daily drink of living water amid an emerging sacredness of silence in the presence my Lord and King.   In this solitary place dear friend, Jesus forged within me an even deeper passion to live, love, and laugh at life’s adversity for His glory and the welfare of others… 


My trail leads me through many out-of-the-way places thought to be insignificant. And yet, many of these locales possess rich heritage and spiritual significance many living in or near them do not understand. Every once in awhile, I come across such areas typically discovering them because signs I read begin to say things like “Gateway to or Crossroads of” about the area in which they stand. Therefore, I would like to zero in on “crossroads” to help you catch a glimpse of what I mean… 

vidorcrossroadssigntxsmall07152011Crossroads are also known as intersections. Most people limit their view of such intersections as places where stop signs or lights punctuate the crossing point of streets or roads. Interestingly; we also find crossroads in both physical and spiritual life as former facts, changing circumstances, varied views, and imminent invasion of our personal space drives us to a places of decision.   Everyone wants to make good decisions as they reach for a better life and world. Yet, some decisions we make leave us lost and broken along life’s road in a daze clouded by confusion.   Life’s crossroads are those intersections where human frailty and delusion cross paths with God’s ability and revelation. Jeremiah 6:16 tells us to “stand at the crossroads and look; ask for the ancient paths, ask where the good way is, and walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls…” Crossroads can be a place of opportunity depending on the attitude with which we approach them… As I’ve written before…local signs declaring places to be “gateways or crossroads” indicate that you may be near a significant spiritual portal or place. Physical indicators often reveal spiritual realities. You will discover great insight into what you can gain or change by delving into a given area’s local history to understand what its founders stood for, what values governed, and what society practiced there. You can read more about spiritual portals in my paper titled..." Gateways and By-ways" that I posted to my blog just after starting my walk last December 2010.  Based on all the above…the approach you take and the decisions you make while at these “significant” spiritual places can greatly impact your heavenward progress.  

It is important to grasp that life-giving decisions do not fall out of the sky…  Instead, they rise from locating right places, asking right questions, applying right remedies, and by-passing our fantasy-based feelings to embrace truth’s reality at any cost. Every great character, creed, nation, or institution throughout history found favor and gained victory through well-founded decisions.   Where mathematical, psychological, and ideological decisions find basis in flawed human logic…decisions reaching beyond to new frontiers, discoveries, and prior impossibilities gain substance in well-founded faith.  Human logic dies in defeat due to man’s limitations, while well-founded faith reveals radical realities based in God’s unlimited character.  

Breaking Through

Walking across established boundaries from one geographical territory to another always proves to be an “experience” to say the least. To the casual observer, it is as simple as pointing their car and whizzing past the invisible line of demarcation marked by a lowly sign without another thought.   Yet, to those who sense things in the unseen realm around them as they move about, crossing boundaries is not just a casual experience. To those so wired, crossing boundary lines appearing invisible to human eyes…shoots them through crossfire between opposing spiritual forces that were built on different foundations and reside on either side of that line. Let me relate my personal experience the day I walked out of Texas into Louisiana… 

louisianastatelinesignsmall07152011After several months walking without a breeze…this day, I had a strong west wind at my back for the first time. The wind remained at my back for several miles as I drew closer to the sign shown above that declared Vidor as “crossroads of southeast Texas.” Please understand west wind stands for deliverance or liberating from. Shortly thereafter…the wind stopped for the next 2 or 3 miles like one would finds calm before an ensuing storm. This physical calm meant I was “on” that invisible spiritual boundary in the no-man’s land between opposing forces. Meanwhile overhead, clouds were brewing in a menacing tempest threatening lightening and rain. Without warning, I was hit in the face by a stern east wind. Please understand that the bible reveals east winds to represent destruction like we commonly call a “nor’easter.” What was happening? I was now being opposed by those upcoming dark principalities and powers residing over the region I was entering in their effort to deter my entrance. Why? Because God’s Holy Spirit rises victorious over satan’s defeated domain in the name of Jesus that is above all names. Evil spiritual forces in the heavenly realms represented by resident rulers, authorities, and powers of this dark world know (Ephesians 6:12) that “anyone” who comes in the name of Jesus Christ has power to defeat them. So, the forces in Texas were glad to see me go, while those in Louisiana hated to see me come. Please realize that I am just a man who has been radically altered by the love of Jesus Christ Whom I am privileged to serve as friend…nothing more.  

In a nutshell, I had crossed a physically invisible line existing in the spiritual realm between two regions of which both were overshadowed by different sets of dark realm powers built upon that area’s unresolved foundational sin. In so doing, I experienced the physical manifestation of what was occurring in heavenly realms over that “transition” zone as indicated by changing directional winds and churning skies. As I walked forward buffeted by the east wind for another 2 to 3 miles, the east wind suddenly shifted to coming up from the south. I could feel things around me change from the fallen spirit of this age to being encouraged by the Spirit of the Living God. This was significant because it showed me that I was being refreshed by God’s tender touch after crossing from one region into another successfully in Jesus’ name. As a watchman…this is what I call “breaking through.”

Bayous and Gators

beaumontbayousmall07152011One finds lizards, snakes, tarantulas, badgers, roadrunners, coyotes, boars, and mountain cats when crossing the southern deserts. But, southeastern Texas and beyond offer a different collection of critters including ornery fish, alligators, water moccasins, cotton mouths, coral snakes, and other stealthy fiends lingering near or beneath bayou waters. Walking along swamp-lined highways in these areas takes on a whole new feel… Either way; deserts, swamps, and bayous all have an incredible beauty. Like human society, each environment has its scoundrels preying upon unwitting travelers without warning. As the calm before the storm incites premature relaxation…pristine waters merely mask what is lurking within. That is why it’s important to be aware of all that goes on around us in life each day… 

In Step

I have watched many things that shaped America’s social and church cultures come-and-go over the course of my lifetime.   How about plaid pants, long hair, lava lamps, Woodstock, shag carpet, beatnik joints, whitewall tires, Laugh-in, Eight Tracks, 70’s music, equity loans, morality, crowded altars, true repentance, and…knowing God. Perversions of all types abound! Together, we have watched our society spiral downward from values to violence…government from servants to tyrants…spirituality from revelation to indoctrination…giving from appreciation to manipulation…and faith from truth to lies. Yet, none of this is a surprise based on all the bible foretells in the last days.  

turtlefreewayorangetxsmall07152011In truth…our world is a beautiful place created by a Loving God inhabited by fallen people driven by futile desires. Though you may feel me fatalistic in my views…the Apostle Paul’s words uphold my vantage point when he said, “for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23). In this light…our eternal future absolutely depends upon the love, forgiveness, and mercy of Almighty God through Jesus Christ. We are lost without Him… Simply put, obeying God keeps us in step with Him and makes us a prophetic people who arrive on time to watch converging pieces of miracles assemble themselves before our very eyes. Yes, some people are gifted to see deeper into the spiritual realm than others. Yet, we are all told in James 1:5 that if we lack wisdom we “…should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him.” So ask to help you ask Him right questions, make right decisions, and remain in step with Him by being who He created you to be in the place He designed you to go. Otherwise, you may find yourself like an old dead dried up turtle that got caught too long by life's traffic beside the freeways of life...    

Along The Road

palmbranchfreewayorangesmalltx07152011Walking across America makes me no stranger to roads, highways, and freeways… As you may imagine, I have lots of time to think about stuff when I walk…like roadways. Roadways are simply improved well-traveled pathways to known destinations of importance to the one traveling. Throughout history, many roads gained recognition because of the events that happened near them or those who traveled upon them…for instance… The Autobahn boasts high speed “in-country” travel. The Al-Can Highway carries adventuresome souls from well populated to America’s most remote areas. The Appian Way charted its course from Rome to bustling seaports on Italy’s coast. The Roman Road leads lost people to Christ. And, history’s most famous road carried this Jesus as mankind’s Savior while “…seated on a donkey’s colt” as the crowd shouted hosanna waiving palm branches to celebrate His triumphal entry into Jerusalem prior to His death on a cross (John 12:12-15). As I walk America some 2,100 years later, I see parched palm leaf reminders of Heaven’s Hope to humanity cast carelessly aside the highways and by-ways of life… The words of this same Jesus voiced similar concerns in Luke 18:8 when He asked, “…will he find faith upon the earth” upon His return. 

Opportunities To Win

Life can be either and avenue of adventure or a series of challenges…many days…both. I have been blessed to meet, visit, and connect with many fine people in places I’ve never been under unexpected circumstances. Most of these connections occur during challenges that come my way while on the road. God has a way of sending His angels, messengers, and helpers at just the right moment to encourage, speak, or restore one to wholeness amid the battle. It is mentally challenging to walk day after day down highways alone not knowing who I will meet, where it will happen, or what I’m to do. Likewise, it is logistically challenging to venture into the unknown moving a thirsty RV from place to place for living quarters…especially when it breaks down and the flow of funds have flown the proverbial coupe. And lastly; it is spiritually challenging to always rise above, overcome, and be an ambassador of reconciliation when one’s own humanity seems to be melting down amid the daily bombardment of ever-changing surroundings, meeting new people, isolation, finances, long hours, weariness, laundry, and making daily time with God my first priority… Thankfully, He is ever-faithful as He sends me great people, grants me rest, and meets me prayer each day. I am so grateful for all Jesus does to empower heaven's work He has called me to do. Some days…getting it done simply takes a bigger miracle than the day before…

Standing Firm,




Copyright worldwide / BattleCry Ministries – Greg Benner 07-18-2011. These materials may not be used or distributed without written permission.


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