Greetings! After completing my 2nd walk across America, getting my book "Author unknown" published and in print, making it back to my home town, and navigating a battery of medical procedures to verify I'm still is time to resume my blog to keep those of you following me, updated.

One would assume that concluding the above activities would return a person to a position of rest. However, in my case, I experienced several weeks of growing more and more tired as the ongoing demands of continent walking and book authoring decompressed and exited my being. Now on the other side of it all...with new vision rising and while working out physically to prepare for what lies ahead...I am regaining my gusto on all fronts as God renews my strength.

We as God's people, have entered an entirely new and unique spiritual season throughout the earth in which global events, economic instabilities, cultural clashes, and military interventions are growing increasingly commonplace. We stand at a juncture in human history that has never occurred before, nor will it occur again. Meanwhile, rival superpowers have gathered around Israel, political leaders are posturing, and almost certain war efforts loom large on the horizon just as the bible foretold. And yet, we as believers have assurance of God's overshadowing protection if we truly place our trust in Him through Jesus Christ.

In light of the Scriptural statement, "Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold," we must realize that maintaining and growing in our faith will require increasing effort on our parts to achieve. What does it look like when people's love grows cold? Have you experienced people, or even yourself, putting themselves first, not keeping committments, not having time for others, putting money ahead of God, or protecting self before defending others to name a few? Well, love growing cold kind of looks like that... Let me put it this way... If wickedness increases five-fold, then our pursuit of God must increase five-fold to keep up to simply maintain. If we want to actually grow as believers...our pursuit of God must outpace the increase of wickedness to occur. Sadly, most are yielding to life pressures, bowing to immediate demands, and walking by sight as they expect God to wait until things get easier. Unfortunately, things will not improve in such a scenario, they will continue to decline because God has been pushed to the sidelines in our life priorities. It is an urgent hour of unparalleled challenge, spiritual bombardment, and temptation to compromise. None of us are one.

I am currently making prepartions and praying through launching out again on another west-to-east cross-country trip to preach, encounter emerging warriors, and spread the time-critical message contained in my new book that is hot off the press. In my book, I lay my own life bare with regard to how God called me into His service, what His voice sounds like, what it is like to rise to it in the midst of real life challenges, and the miracles He performs through us when we simply say, "Yes!" You can learn more at:

I am praying about what mode of travel (i.e. walking, cycling, or driving) God would have me employ for another journey as I seek to be in step with His level of urgency. Please pray that God would grant me vision, wisdom, favor, faith, and resource as I prepare to step out far beyond myself once again to do His bidding. Though I know it will be full of adventure, engaging the task will also extract its price within me as I lay myself before Him each day for the benefit of others. Each day, I am reminded of human need all around me from the time I wake up to the moment my head comes to rest on my pillow. Many-a-night, God wakes me up in the third watch of the night to contemplate and pray for those He lays on my heart. So, I appreciate your prayers and encouragement as He leads me on for His glory. Until next time...God's richest blessings upon you!




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