Area: From Loxley, Alabama to Pensacola onward to Milton, FL


floridasignsmall09012011Please forgive my delinquent update…but, a lot has been happening around me on multiple fronts... I arrived into Florida on Thursday 08-25-2011. It was nice to finally be in my last state prior to walk completion. It has been a long journey…

My reason for delayed update stems from being surrounded by and trying to process all happening around the world. I believe it possible that September 2011 may mark a pivotal month in many areas while world events loom large on the horizon. For instance…September marks the United Nations Grand Assembly held between the 15th and 28th during which a vote will be taken on whether or not to validate Palestine’s existence as a nation. If this occurs, it will have deep-reaching consequences in Israel’s future. Likewise, we have another Supermoon that will occur on September 27 similar to the one which immediately followed the March 2011 8.9 earthquake in Japan. Also, we have just experienced Hurricane Irene doing great damage up the east coast and are seeing an upsurge of storm activity in prior US regions previously devastated. I have been studying earthquake incidence, doing historical comparisons on hurricane magnitudes and paths, looking at this year’s tornadoes, and am doing my best to see how they may correlate with other converging events.  Studying the names attached to hurricanes is interesting in their biblical contexts.

Meanwhile, I am trying to finish my book by walk’s end in late September as well. As I review prior persoanal journals penned during extended fasts at key junctures in my life…I am discovering many similarities in today’s surrounding events that line up with a prior seasons and dates. So, the above have otherwise occupied my time pulling me away from writing this blog.

In closing…please know dear friend that many things now occurring upon the earth very much resemble what was foretold in Scripture. We cannot know the day or hour of His return…but, we can know the season. Therefore, please be watchful and pray as we keep our eyes on Israel, Palestine, the United Nations, natural disasters, and other vocal aspects of daily life. Until later…God bless you in Jesus’ name! 

In Christ,




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