Today on 09-18-2011, I moved my RV forward to my Trans-American Walk 2010-2011 destination city of Jacksonville, Florida where I plan to conclude walking by September 28th or before Lord willing....lots a hoofin yet to do.  I have now been on the road for 11 1/2 months. The past several weeks have been eventful, plagued by challenges, and productive in many ways. God has been good to me! Weather has been hot with occasional showers with moderate humidity.

The United Nations votes on Palestine Statehood this week. The outcome of this vote will change the course of history if Statehood is granted due to its impact on Israel’s position as a sovereign nation.   Sadly, most of the world is pro-Palestine. America’s current administration offers little or no support to Israel either…a position that will put our nation in peril if not corrected before it is too late.

I would appreciate your prayers now as I culminate my walk, finish writing my book, and make decisions with regard to my journey preaching my way home over the next few weeks. My journey has given me great opportunity to reach and minister too many. Likewise, I have encountered many who struggle with severe life issues of many types. It is my cry that God grants those help and hope amid their trying hours… Please join me as together…we remain watchful and pray. It is an urgent hour!

In Christ,



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