Area: Slidell, La to Diamondhead, Gulfport, Biloxi, De’Iverville, Ocean City, MS...walking toward Mobile, Alabama

Weather: Mid to upper 90’s humidity medium to high


mississippisignsmall08112011Sorry for the delayed update...I've been walking and hiding to write my book...  As I came out of New Orleans through Slidell, passage marked a real shift in weather, culture, and church dynamics as I came into Gulfport, Mississippi back on Thursday August 11.  While in New Orleans, thunder and lightning hammered hard…rain pelted…and people scurried for cover.  My passage over long bridges across the end of Lake Pontchartrain was not permitted on foot, but resumed on other side.  As I crossed the Louisiana-Mississippi border highway scenery changed from dense undergrowth to road’s edge to grasses and a mix of deciduous and evergreen trees.  And highways especially…were smoother missing all the thump-a-thump-a-thump cracks across Louisiana I was blessed to discover a church (Pass Road Baptist) in Gulfport, that was both equipped for and willing to allow me to park my RV for the entire time I was in the area walking and writing on my book.  As I write, I have walked onward well toward Mobile, Alabama where I'll be parked tomorrow Lord willing...

Gulf Beaches

gulfportbeachsunsmall08152011Finally landing on beaches was one of the greatest treats after more than 2,200 miles on foot across inner cities, suburbs, wastelands, deserts, metropolitan areas, bayous, swamps, and multi-flavor spiritual dynamics.  Upon my arrival and connection to power at the church…I commenced to review book notes I had been gathering since the onset of my trek last October 2010 and began putting chapters in final written form.  I walked, talked to those I met on the street, beaches, in coffee shops, and in churches I visited looking for venues to preach.  Those I met on beaches were a diverse bunch coming from all over the central and southern United States for a time of relaxation…to ponder the jobs they had either lost or were interviewing for…climbing out of hate’s maze after serving murderous tours in Iraq during some of its bloodiest battles…or to live beneath a bridge homeless due to their recent release from 8 year prison stint as a 26 year old man.   All-tolled, I found people to be warm, open, inviting, and yet searching for internal refuge from the escalating storms brewing in America’s economy, society, and spirituality winds.  Most were somehow caught in life’s crossfire uncertain as to the ensuing outcome…


gulfportbeachsmall09132011I was truly inspired to write as I walked the beaches, said hello to passers-by, prayed with the unknown, and stood to gaze out over gulf water’s expanse as mild breezes blew and ripples lapped at the shore.  My mind meandered through places I’ve been, weather I’ve endured, people I’ve met, and insights about myself and the world around me God had given…  Some made me smile, others made me cry…but, all marked me for life…  My encounter with America’s wandering condition has delivered me to realizations most in our great land will never have opportunity to see.  Though our America has long-offered home to the brave and land to the free…my frame is pierced by what I see looming on her horizon…  As with mates in love with each other and parents who love their kids…one sense of danger and desire to defend rises up when threat knocks at the door…  Sadly, many live detached lives buried in the mire of declining morals, social tension, rising debt, growing unemployment, and unawareness of what is occurring in the lives just over the fence.  Likewise, many good people have lost tether to true reality as technology’s bombardment with fantasy, spun media, and artificial economic rallies paint a picture of reality that doesn’t exist.  I am concerned as I watch those I love and those I meet wade across the resulting river hoping they make their way safely to its other shore…  Dear friend…our individual, corporate, and national future is on the line.  Please…take note, listen carefully, and pursue the Master of your souls Who loves you while He still may be found...  His name is Jesus, the yet Living and Loving Lord…  Please remember, “None of us” is assured of tomorrow…


One Step at a Time,



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