From Texas-Louisiana border past Sulfur through Lake Charles through Jennings into Lafayette to land temporarily in Broussard, LA.  Moving RV forward to Baton Rouge soon...

Wind and Rain

It is always interesting waking up to ever-changing weather each day.   Many times, I find weather patterns shift from normal to out-of-the-ordinary as I walk into different areas. This is not about me…it is about going into all the world in Jesus’ name. On my last walk in 2001-2002…I was amazed walking through Kansas in December in 60 degree F temperatures, when it would normally be in the 20’s. It was commonplace for me to see a hole in the clouds over my location on Doppler weather reports being televised.  It was even stranger to fly out to speak elsewhere and see the hole in the clouds disappear, temperatures drop to the 20’s, and then watch temps rise back into the 60’s with the hole re-appearing upon my return. This walk has been no different, except for the type of weather extremes I experience.  I explained some of this on my last blog post.

The presence of God in His people always goes before us to antagonize and dispel darkness wherever the two collide in Jesus’ name. Truth offends the lie…light pierces darkness…and life resurrects that which is dead if invited in. All darkness must bow beneath the name and Lordship of Jesus Christ…end of subject.

Air Waves

As I also mentioned…the presence of darkness affects things in the physical realm. Remember, satan is the prince of the power of the air. Likewise; cell phones, air cards, pagers, etcetera operate through “air waves” within the physical realm Gad gave satan a level of dominion over. As a result…my cell phones and mobile internet services were curtailed the deeper I walked in to Louisiana oppression comprised of many specific strongholds. Please understand…this is not a negative statement about Louisiana. This explanation merely describes how the presence of darkness opposes God's superior light as satan does his best to fight the inevitable…his own destruction.   God is a God of contrast…He is the Great Painter if-you-will. Therefore, any region that resides beneath more powerful principalities has increased potential to beam forth with greater levels of God’s glorious light revealing Him to a lost world! 

Light Out of the Darkness

Though much of my journey has taken me through places and people bombarded by the economy, fear, and violence…I do find areas where life, love, and liberty shine forth brightly. Many people or groups within what calls itself the church have fallen prey to religious exercise, conjuring up glory, rebuilding past moves, and withdrawing behind their walls at this critical juncture in human history just prior to Christ’s return. Based on Scripture, we know scoffers will ask “where is this coming.”  But, Jesus told us we could recognize the season of His return based on signs and events unfolding around us. Dear friend, it’s here! Everything foretold by Jesus and other gospel writers is occurring all over the globe. Yet, religionists and the lukewarm fight for the upper hand in their persecution of heaven's rising bride of Christ (church) now emerging out of current church culture in America.  Their hopes are miss-guided as they do their best to purchase deception's grip on an empty and lifeless religion without power. Sadly for those so inclined…Truth is still embodied in Jesus Who radically declared that an entirely different approach to God was required for one to gain entrance into the banquet hall at the wedding feast of the Lamb. With this in mind, what kind of people ought we to be? 

I am encouraged every time I find bastions of light and love evidenced by lifestyle shining out of people's surrounding darkness. It fuels my faith that God will surely reign victorious in His people called according to His purpose, when and “if” they pursue Him with whole hearts (Jeremiah 29:13). God feeds hunger, transforms thinking, restores wholeness as He loves the unlovable and forgives the unforgivable like you and me. If you are hungry, confused, and feeling isolated amid life's battle…hope is on the way in Jesus’ name! More later… 

In Christ,




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