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Bridging The Great Divide

Written by Greg Benner 10-21-1998

News Flash! Church-at-large indicted on charges of destroying its own global impact for Christ through stupid arguments, doctrinal interpretations, and human pride! Yes folks, that's us in our finest form and glory. For the past 1900 years, God's Church has been a house divided against itself diluting its impact for Jesus Christ in a dying world. How have we done this you ask? We have set up false gods of human pride and selfish ambition in our attempt to bend God's will into conformity with our own selfish desires for power and recognition. Throughout history...both leaders and common people steeped in religiosity ventured ahead to reduce God's omnipotent stature to that of mortal understanding. This truth rears its ugly head time-and-again as disputes erupt within the body of Christ fueled by issues like eternal security, freedom to choose, human tradition, charismatic worship, entire sanctification, dancing unto the Lord, music styles, baptism of the Holy Spirit, apostolic anointing, divine healing, prophecy, and more.


Jesus Will Come!

Written by Greg Benner 10-22-1999 

Relentless!  Eternity's clock ticks silently on as the centuries, decades, years, days, hours, and minutes of human existence slip quietly away one second at a time. People created in God's image, drawn by God's Spirit, and saved by God's grace...race against the stopwatch of God's judgement as they struggle for worldly gain.  Yet, weeping in the shadows of human heartache, God woos the wayward while knowing that His time line stops for no one.  Meanwhile; as the earth quakes, war rumors, famine starves, and love grows cold...many ignorant, skeptical, and misguided people mark time just a breath away from death's grip and hell's pain.  Now, in accordance with Satan's work in the last days, the lawless one deceives those who are perishing with his counterfeit miracles, signs, wonders, and every sort of evil convincing them to believe his lie.  Why do people perish?  They perish because they refuse to love the truth and so be saved. Yet, in the final hours of human existence...God still gives life to those who will humble themselves, who will repent of their sins, and who will surrender to Jesus Christ.


Range Wars

Written by Greg Benner 09-26-1999 

Boundaries!  Since humanity's first breath, man has dominated the world around him by building fences on life's open range.  His inner need to hack out personal identity, to gain physical control, and to impose authority drives him on.  Blowing war's dust from the annals of time, we read tragic accounts where bitterness carved its divisive mark daring opponents to stick their willful toes across the line.  Screaming from the pages of American history, moral and social decency is jolted by godless feuds akin to the one between the Hatfields and McCoys in the back hills of Kentucky...all over a stolen hog.  Ringing out from the Wild West, gunshots wounded everyday people in fights-to-the-death over territorial power, water rights, and fence lines in the grass.  Yes, whatever the issue, wherever the boundary, and whoever the scoundrel;  people roll up their sleeves to fight when fences get built because their dignities, beliefs, and possessions hang snagged on the barbs of wire stringing from hell.   Therefore, we must build our fences from God's materials, for God's purposes, and on God's boundaries if we want to avoid wars on life's open range!


Maybe Tomorrow

Written by Greg Benner 07-22-1999

Complacency... apathy... hardness... criticism... selfishness... pride... arrogance... hatred... division... revenge... slander... faithlessness... despair... depression... immorality... insensitivity... disobedience... rebellion... and sin-in-general all flow from our selfish inclination to trudge thanklessly through life refusing to see God's love on the cross through eyes of appreciation.  We grumble against, complain about, and quarrel with our brothers and sisters in Christ because we do not get what we want (James 4:1-3).  We deny God as we justify our sinful attitudes by going to church on Sunday, wearing our Christian T-shirts, and saying a few amens during the preacher's message...yet live unchanged lives (II Timothy 3:1-5).  We let everything from golf to our version of responsibility convince us that we're doing our best, when in reality, we're consuming our best and giving God the measly left-overs.  We rationalize away God's call for us to tithe, serve, and support His Church in its mission to love unsaved people because our prideful grip on grace and our personal greed have robbed us of financial, personal, and spiritual cash.  Consequently, our self-focused bent scraps lost souls, ignores God's calling, erases eternal truth, and tramples Christ's redemptive love under foot in exchange for a lie (Romans 1:18-25).  Unfortunately...none of us is exempt, immune, or untouched by the fingers of sin.  The Aposltle Paul drives this crucial point home in Romans 3:23 saying, "for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God...."  Though many of us claim to have accepted Christ as our lord and savior, only those of who persevere in humility, obedience, and God's love to the end will truly be saved (Matthew 24:13).  Lip service means nothing (James 2:14-26).  The answer rests in our perspective of life, love, and God.  We must choose to see, live, and experience life through God's eyes, not ours...if we are to live.  Therefore, we must stop living in hopeless endurance, get started on spiritual exercise, and overcome in holy expectation that God will do the impossible as we run the race.


Puzzled, Purged, and Purified

Written by Greg Benner 04-26-1999 

Recently, I was out for my early morning walk.  Making my way along the sidewalks of my sleepy little town nestled in the foothills of snow-capped peaks, strangely familiar shapes strewn along the pathway caught my eye.  Upon closer investigation, I found these shapes to be the discarded pieces of what appeared to be an unwanted puzzle cast carelessly aside.  Yet, was my assumption true?  Had their owner really thrown them away?  Or, did it merely seem so in light of their honorless resting place?  As questions like these raced down my mental corridors of thought, I found myself launched on a quest to discover the deeper message buried beneath these few misplaced, weathered, and trod upon pieces of an unknown life.  Who dropped them?  Where do they live?  Did they drop these probable perplexors by accident or discard them for good?  Suddenly, my heart's eye saw how we fit in life's puzzle being snatched from sin's grip as God leads us into the abundance of life.  Now, stirred by gratitude...it seems obvious that we must search to find meaning, we must change to impact others, and we must obey Jesus in order to lay hold of our purpose in God's plan


Amid The Battle

Written by Greg Benner 08-29-1999 

War!  Taking aim at humanity's soul, Satan rifles the hearts of everyday people caught in sin's crossfire of death.  Struggles emerge as wars waged in arenas ranging from global conflict to personal disunities, while people grapple to be king of life's hill.  Looming in the scope...nations rise against nations, governments lord over people, religions compete with truth, agencies push into homes, and partners wrestle for power.  Riddled by Satan's attack on moral decency and eternal good, widespread spiritual and social decay runs wild waving humility's flag as man's only hope.  Littering the battlefield of spiritual war, many of God's warriors have lost sight of their mission to save souls in exchange for binding their own wounds.  Now, watching closely from heaven's command, God stands poised to dispatch His mercy, majesty, and miraculous power to and through those who've grown weary fighting Christ's cause.  Yet, it's through our confession that the battle is hard, it hurts, and it humiliates us...that God reloads our weapons with divine power to demolish hellish strongholds in the lives of mankind.


Acquired Taste

Written by Greg 03-25-1999 

Ravenous appetites!  Rising with the first dawn, hunger has haunted humanity's search for satisfaction.  We've all heard it!  Everyday, world hunger stirs starving people to cry out for food, mental hunger causes ignorant people to run after knowledge, emotional hunger drives lonely people to reach out for love, moral hunger kindles an outraged people to burn for their rights, and spiritual hunger stimulates confused people to grope for eternal truth.  Yes, life's hungers move everything from mountains and injustice in the physical world to the saving of souls in the spiritual world as God stirs His servants to action.  While identifying man's hunger is of key import, gaining an iron grasp of its underlying source demands that we keep a deeper question in view...just why do we hunger, anyway?  Is it because we're hungry to give balanced attention to our overall health or because we hope to eat away our self-portrait of dwindling worth?  Do we hunger to thrash away the seeds of devilish deception...or, because we're chasing an elusive fix lost in the faces of addiction?  Do we hunger to embrace God's plan for our individual lives or to justify our selfish inclinations to master our own space?  Whatever kicks your appetite into gear... please remember a few truths about hunger that march eternally on...  Hungers force people to decision, hungers cause people to act, and hungers inspire people to serve their appetites. 


Farmin' For Jesus

Written by Greg Benner 12-21-1998

Now Is The Time

Now, after the last needles have fallen from your dehydrated Christmas tree...Now, after the flashbacks from day-after-Christmas sales have dimmed...Now, after holiday gift wraps have been stuffed back in their spot...after family and friends have finally made their way home...after being worn ragged from the season's emotional dive...after energy, desire, and will power have ground to a halt...still dazed by the trench battles of yuletide cheer...Now, is the time to halt life's merry-go-round long enough to jump off and listen once again to God's still small voice. Remember, Christmas is about Jesus and His love, not stuff! Many of us scratch our heads as to how a party for our King can erupt into a frenzied quest to surround ourselves with things in willing exchange for setting God's gift of eternal life back on the shelf year after year. Long after the luster dwindles on the new big screen tv, tool set, or pair of skis; God's glory blazes faithfully on forever in and through His children who stay firmly fixed on His redemptive cause. Now, as God's grace pulls us from the pile of yet another year's consumer debris, we teeter to stand once again on our feet in His strength because we must weed, water, and hoe if the life of Jesus in others is ever...to grow.


Timeless Truth

Written by Greg Benner 1-21-1998

Silence! In our quest to know and serve all of God's interests, a time comes when each of us must silently step back into the shadows in order to consider God's timeless truth. Spanning the centuries, mighty messengers of the faith have proclaimed God's heart cry in ways profound, not forgetting our common inability to hear. Yet, many turn a deaf ear to the Master's voice as they wander away to feed the their carnal desires. I challenge you to join me as I bring glimpses of God's truth into the eternal balance. Archived in the forward of Leonard Ravenhill's brilliant book "Why Revival Tarries," A. W. Tozer writes... 


Engaged, Exposed, and Empowered

Written by Greg Benner 06-18-1998

Confrontation! Addressing a colleague unknown, great reformer John Wesley upholds God's mandate for integrity as he quills these penetrating words: "I fear you think of yourself more highly than you ought to think. . . . I fear that there is something unloving in your spirit. . . . I am afraid lest your want of love to your neighbours [sic] should spring from want of love to God. . . . I fear you are greatly wanting in the government of your tongue. You are not exact in relating facts. . . . But, I fear that you are more wanting in another respect: That you give a loose to your tongue when you are angry" (Wesley's Works 13: 141). Here, John Wesley lovingly calls a wayward friend to account whose inner heart attitudes bring tears to the eyes of God. Therefore, it seems reasonable that living with integrity must engage one's mind, expose one's heart, and empower one's personal quest to gain grace-empowered holiness! 


The Arms of Adversity

Written by Greg Benner 06-18-1998

Chasing Our Tails...

Does adversity lead us to God, or does God lead us by way of adversity? Spanning the centuries, theologians have pondered this timeless question, only to find that their trail ends where it once began. Yet, one must wonder if human intellect has missed God's mark by becoming so deeply engrossed in this question, that it can no longer recognize or hear His still small voice. This possibility implies, that individual believers should consider adversity from God's point of view, thereby allowing each ardent traveler to glean threads of divine wisdom from the fabric of life's difficulties. Human history testifies that God builds His character, inspires His faith, and portrays His image of Christ in the lives of His children through adversity. 


The Right Questions

Written by Greg Bennert 07-15-1998

The Risk...

Dangling barely above hell's flames on a tattered thread of human intellect, sags today's church fruitlessly bound by men's materialism and self-seeking traditions.  Leaping from the pages of Scripture, Mark 7:7-8 echoes Jesus' exposing words as He says, "They worship me in vain; their teachings are but rules taught by men. You have let go of the commands of God and are holding on to the traditions of men."  Yes, tightly wrapped in a straight jacket of religiosity, God's church throws a wet blanket on the Holy Spirit's redeeming fire in the lives of the lost. Grieved, God looks on weeping amid sinners untold as His bride casts the hopeless eternities of His children aside in exchange for a fleeting grasp on a form of godliness as they deny its power. Paul's words in II Timothy 3:5 warn us not to be part of empty religious circles as he says, "have nothing to do with them."  Friend, do Paul's words apply to us?


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