Location: Colorado Springs, Burlington, Colorado...onward to Hays, Topeka, Lawrence, and Kansas City, Kansas...to my current Mid Missouri resting place...

Moving On

After leaving the Denver, Colorado area making my way to Colorado Springs, I was blessed to park behind Springs Church led by Pastor Gary Wilkerson before making my rounds to distribute books into places like Focus on the Family and others. I later left Colorado Springs on my way toward Burlington, Colorado where I re-connected with the number one bullfighter (rodeo protection) Cory Wall...whom I'd met eleven years earlier. From there, I made my way toward Hays Kansas where I met new people and reconvened with several I met my first time through. Everywhere I go, I find people being stretched at ever-increasing levels in daily life as real circumstances stack on their heavy loads. From Hays, I moved to Lawrence where I was privileged to meet several young philosophy students from Kansas State University. Our time together was both encouraging and enlightening. Next, I pulled into another church in Kansas City, Missouri where I sat down with numerous new people, joined in with regional pastoral meetings, and deepened my relationship with the prior KU Students. Heading eastward...

Sitting StillĀ 

I have now remained in my current location for the past two and a half weeks... Why? First, God compelled me to linger and pray. Second, it is always a significant spiritual season when people everywhere arrive to the Jewish Feast of Trumpets marking the onset of the Ten Days of Awe later ending with Yom Kippur...before they step into the Feast of Tabernacles for seven days. I have been parked next to a local fellowship pastured by friends I met more than eleven years ago on my first walk across America. While here, I have been privileged to speak, entwine in people's daily lives, and spend time with God in prayer. It has indeed been refreshing for me to feel like family while out on the road...be it ever so brief. I have enjoyed good conversation, weeping with people, and granting Jesus deeper access into my own soul...

Season of Purpose

Throughout history, the annual season of fall Jewish feasts has been punctuated with many life-altering events around the globe. As I have paid attention to these seasons over the course of many years...I find 2012 to be more intense than any other I've encountered in my entire lifetime. Despite all unfolding around us in today's world with regard to unparalleled economic, political, military, and prophetic events...for the most part...America's people are oblivious to what is coming upon them...

The Invitation

Cast in the setting of last day's events while sitting around the table in a man's home surrounded by those claiming to know God, Jesus told a story...

A well-known man in the community was getting ready to host a great banquet and invited many leaders and friends to attend. When the day of the banquet arrived, he sent his worker to those invited saying, "Come on, it's time to celebrate." To his dismay however, the schedules of many were already full. The first person said, "I just signed a deal on a new piece of property and need to go look at it...I'm can't make it to your banquet." The second person said, "I just bought a new car and need to look it over before I take delivery...I'll call you later...we can do lunch." Still another person said, "I just got married and am leaving on my honeymoon...I don't have time right now." When the worker returned to tell the host all those who had been invited said, the man got angry and said, "Go to the downtown streets and alleys and bring the poor, crippled, hookers, and drug addicts into my banquet." Later, the man's worker came back saying, "I did what you told me and all I found have arrived and taken their seats...but, we still have room." So, the host told his worker, "Head for the country roads and lanes and make people come to fill my banquet hall." When the banquet hall was packed and the celebration about to begin, the host said, "I will never invite those who were too busy...to share my food or spend time with me again" (Paraphrase of Luke 14:15-24).

Point to Ponder

As we consider our individual views, priorities, choices, and activities in daily life...DO WE HAVE...OR WILL WE MAKE TIME for God during this urgent hour as social, economic, and spiritual realities unravel all over the world? Do we care about how those around us are suffering the indignities of injustice? While asking God to meet our needs, fix our problems, and bless our dreams...are we willing to confront ourselves with hard questions and act on tough decisions necessary to preserve our eternal survival with His purpose? Or, do we want God to rubber stamp our wayward plans and freedom as we go our own way without remorse? Dear friend...whether we take declining human condition and world events out of the picture or not...none of us is assured that we will draw our next breath. Since this fact is true...we must ask ourselves the question...are we ready to meet Jesus face-to-face with clear hearts on that day if we were to lose and leave our life in this world today? Lip service without action means nothing to God... So, what are we going to do about it? Please do not underestimate the risk at hand! Meanwhile, please join me as we pray both for ourselves and our nation...

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