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After a sluggish spring in the Northwest…summer is finally here! Meanwhile, I am 5 weeks into my book tour and have encountered much already. Issues concerning economy, political uncertainty, social instability, and spiritual unrest are rampant everywhere I turn. It has been interesting to re-trace my first Trans American Walk path traveled back in 2001-02, thereby granting opportunity for me to re-connect with many people and churches I was privileged to meet along my prior trek. Some of what I find is uplifting, some heartbreaking, and the rest trying to my faith as I ask God for clarity on how to speak life into those who cross my path.

I have found that some of those I previously met have risen in stature to fill key positions of leadership…others have been healed of life debilitating maladies…some have traveled to distant places to change the world…others have suffered setbacks…some have died unexpectedly…and life’s invasion has devastated even others. Meanwhile, human need around us multiplies, intervening resources dwindle, public interest wanders, politics run wild, and the Lord of Glory is relegated to being but a by-word to many.

As I look around to notice the impact of increasing world chaos on those in proximity to me…I find myself turning my gaze inward to internal issues in my own life that degrading world condition turns the spotlight on when least expected. In so doing, I find myself asking God to help me be more selfless, kind, loving, humble, and merciful to those I encounter along life’s way. In truth dear friend…all we have to give is ourselves, our time, and our love to others. Nothing else really matters in the eternal scheme of things. Sadly, many are more involved and concerned about achieving financial dominion, recognition in their field of expertise, or comfortable surroundings than…reaching to the homeless, encouraging the broken, and granting refuge to those in need of hope.

Please pray for me… The world around me is unraveling at an ever-increasing pace while the masses drift on a sea of relativism toward their own demise. It troubles me…keeps me awake at night…and compels me to dig deeper within myself to muster the Master’s mercy as He uses me to offer a drink of cool water to those thirsty for life… Until next time…God’s blessings upon you!

Chasing Jesus,



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