Current Location: From Jacksonville, FL over past 5 weeks to now coming to temporary rest in the Los Angeles area.

Ongoing Activities / Please pray!

I have used the past 5 weeks to re-group, rest, and recover while writing, preaching, and doing lost of driving toward the west coast. Many lives have changed, world events continue to escalate daily, and spiritual pressure in the world around us deepens. One does not have to look far to see human discouragement, uncertainty, and disorientation. 

I am flying out of LAX on Saturday November 5th to preach in the Kansas City area of several days at a church I met back in 2001 on my first walk across the USA.  The Lord has laid much on my heart to share as I revisit old and yet unmet new friends.  Please pray for God's messages to arise within and flow through my life to those who are hungry for liberty, change, and life.

I have given much thought and prayer to my days ahead over the past several months. In light of all I see going on around me and throughout the globe…I am compelled to get even deeper engaged in helping people unravel their personal worlds to achieve victory within. It is an urgent hour both social and spiritually in the world we live.

Please continue to pray for my soon completion of the book I have been writing over the past 4 plus months. I am within a couple weeks or less of completion with regard to writing time. Unfortunately, circumstances and logistical challenges have impeded my progress as of late.  Current increasing levels of opposition make the obvious rise in world unrest palpable.  Please ask God to send those who can hold my arms up in battle in all different manners necessary to my bring glory to God among the lives of those He entrusts to my care...

Please pay attention to the world around us…much is at hand that will ever-change and dismantle human existence as we know it. World events give heaven voice as they rise straight of the pages of the bible each day… Keep your eyes in the east dear friend… God’s blessings upon you!

In Christ,



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