Dear Friend,

Journey Continues

After several security checks, extended foreign layovers, and multiple plane final flight landed in Florida last night where I was picked up by a local pastor whose church watched over my RV while gone. As we made our way toward the church...we visited back and forth regarding all I had taken in during my speaking tour in Rwanda. As one issue after another surface, we found ourselves both pierced and shaking our heads as we trying to comprehend what it takes within a person to participate in mass murder during Genocide as Rwanda experienced and now continues to recover from...

On the Ground USA

Upon my arrival to my RV, we loaded my bags in the door as we parted company for the night. Once inside, my first encounter was with the realization that I had an electrical problem which left my coach batteries near dead. After making the rounds to discover the source of difficulty...I decided to take a run at it with a rested mind the next day. Prior to climbing into my bed, I made a few calls to family and friends before retiring. Once horizontal in bed...lights out...a movie began to play in my hearts eye replaying my flight to Rwanda...landing in Kigali after passing through the Netherlands, Kenya, and Berunde...intersecting with my host...the cross country journey toward Gisenyi on the Congo border...speaking in multiple venues while there...coming face to face with an amazing people...having my spirit arrested by the depth of forgiveness extended between opposing sides of mass murder...and making my own journey into the Genocide Museum with my new dear friend as we wept our way through... As I lay there...I was immobilized by grief for the pain so many encountered as loved ones were snatched from their grasp by manifest evil. How could such things occur I pondered... Answer? Unknown...

As I awoke the next morning to shower, shave, and make my way outside to begin the troubleshooting of my electrical issue...I found two wires burned in two...not a good sign. Praying for intervention, God graciously helped me fix the issue without lasting damage. Moving through my day...I cleaned, re-grouped, sent emails, and updated my blog.

After Shock

Still however...I was plundered within by how one man could turn against family, women, friends, children, and the defenseless fueled by thoughts able to justify destroying another person, society, and people... Rwanda left its indelible mark in my soul...I'll never be the same... Now, I must pick up the pieces, gather my composure, and set off toward the western USA on my way toward my home state of Washington. It is my hope...that God will grant me many places to share a heart wrenching story of interference, exploitation, hell's brutality, and an amazing tale of unconditional love and forgiveness across America. Why? Our country has no clue when it comes to the suffering and mortal cost paid by those deemed faceless in other war torn clue. And yet, many think they are going to heaven and evidencing the love of God as they harbor malice because someone took their bag of skittles without asking... America, my dear friend, needs a severe reality check before it's too late... More later...

In Christ,



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