Area: From Austin onward toward Houston, Channelview, Highlands, Baytown, Cove, Wallisville, Stowell, Winnie, Fannet, Beaumont, and on onward to the Louisiana border.

Weather: 95-99 F, 44-50% humidity, 101-106 heat index.

Ever Amazed

My path will cross the Texas-Louisiana border over the next few days...Lord willing.  With each passing step, I find myself more aware of physical, cultural, and spiritual shifts in the environment I encounter day-by-day.  Some shifts are subtle, while others stick out like a sore thumb.  Some shifts express themselves through town layouts…others through social bias.  Other shifts make themselves known through cultural uniqueness…others through local laws.   Some shifts openly declare themselves on billboards or the militant voices of their wayward supporters. Either way, I see a daily and ongoing contrast between beauty or brokenness…happiness or horror…dignity or disgrace…abundance or affliction…love or legalism…empowerment or exploitation…peace or peril…mercy or malice…faith or fantasy…giving or greed…success or shame…blessed or busy…inspired or indoctrinated… Thus far; my journey has carried me from seashore to inner city, from tropical to desert, from peaceful to violent, from metropolitan to remote, and from multi-cultural to purist communities. I never cease to be amazed by whom or what crosses my trail! 


Please realize that my vantage point flows from the pages of the bible…  Though God loves us deeply not wanting any to perish…He is holy.  Too often, we look away from self we see in His mirror to set our sights on the failures of others who do not know Him.  Yet, the Apostle Paul calls us back to God’s reality when he asked and declared, “What business is it of mine to judge those outside the church?  Are you not to judge those inside?  God will judge those outside. Expel the wicked man from among you” (I Corinthians 5:12).  Simply put…we will never change what we refuse to identify and own within our inner hearts.  We cannot produce what we are not nor lead where we will not go.    Therefore, we must search our own hearts with God’s help before we will ever become “instruments for noble purposes made holy, useful to the Master and prepared to do any good work” (II Timothy 2:21).  Short story…we must be authentic to produce fruit that lasts (John 15:16)! 

 Fellow Travelers

trafficsignalgoldentrianglesmall07092011I have been privileged to meet many wonderful people!  Some are on streets, others at Starbucks, a few in police cars, while others are in churches.  Wherever I meet whomever I meet…life uncertainties bombard them all…including me.  Everywhere I turn…people struggle to rise above the economic, relational, physical, and spiritual challenges threatening to erode or destroy their purpose in life.  Fortunately, one finds a grid of well-founded people strategically positioned to love those going down for the count in life…  I have met pastors standing strong to lead their people, while others withdraw into secondary non-essentials.  Likewise, I have met both prosperous businessmen and others going broke. And, I have met the emotionally stable and others needing Love’s transfusion.  Amid it all…I am thankful for those who rise above moral mediocrity, while hurting for those shredded by hell’s hopelessness.  Sadly, despite the many great one’s I meet…America has cut loose from truth’s anchor to drift like a ship filled with castaways in a category five social and spiritual storm.   Our great land has lost her way as she stands at the crossroads of decision wondering which way to turn.  Without apology…we need God’s direction and mercy NOW before passing the point of no return…  

Running The Race

Have you ever noticed how competitive and in need of recognition we are as human beings?  It’s as though our birth enters us in a race for position, power, and personality among our peers.  Simply put…human nature wants to be accepted, validated, honored, and empowered at any cost.  Likewise, we hang labels on ourselves that portray how we want others to see us, but rarely reveal the truth about who we are within.  Yet, our methods, motives, and madness will ultimately determine what our efforts will produce in the lives of others entrusted to our care.  As I have walked through literally hundreds of rural or metropolitan communities over the years…I remain dumbfounded by the crazy things I see.  I find people declaring themselves to be regional spiritual leaders on business cards, ministry media, and church signs.  In other areas; I encounter the race between churches revealed in first, second, third, and fourth Baptist, Assembly, Nazarene, Presbyterian, and beyond.  The bible is clear…those ordained to lead are called to be servants of all, not immortalized above others like kings.  Those wired to prophesy or foretell are too busy trying to survive the task God gave them to do too worry about labels.  And, those fixed on human approval, rather than heaven’s victory, are dangerously adrift… 

aposltesignsmall07042011Though we justify our wayward pursuits…God holds an entirely different view on the matter.  On the heels of His story (parable) about workers in the vineyard, Jesus said, “…the last will be first, and the first will be last” in Matthew 20:16.  This said…it is time for us to erase our labels, re-paint our signs, and to do what God called us to do for His glory…not ours?   Jesus set the example… He did not hire the Goodyear blimp or local radio stations, papers, or painters to declare Himself God.  Instead, He pulled out all the stops to launch heaven’s epoch picture with special affects splashing intrigue, betrayal, violence, and blood across reality’s screen…personally dying on a cross to unconditionally love and forgive the wayward…like you…like me.  You see, our race in life is not against each other or the church down the street.  Instead, our race is to “…throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles, and to run with perseverance the race marked out for us…as we fix our eyes on Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith, Who for the joy set before Him endured the cross…” (Hebrews 12:1-2).

The Plan Stands

letteronroadpicsmall07092011As I walk past billboards, glance at newsstands, and scan book titles on the shelves of coffee shops along the way…it is painfully obvious that our reeling culture is comprised of diverse interests, idealisms, and inspirations.  As my journey thumbs me through materials I encounter…a melting pot filled with a stew of human wisdom or delusion is revealed.  Upon investigation; one can find books, web-sites, DVD’s, MP3’s, and the occasional soapbox orator declaring agendas originating from sources found anywhere between common sense and sheer stupidity.  While society drifts dangerously close to lurking distinction…God’s word the bible champions His plan to love, forgive, save, and deliver humanity from itself.  As special interest groups driven by selfish ambition sever their tie to Truth by ridding our courts, schools, and airways of the Ten Commandments, religious freedom, and moral compass…unwitting members of both social and spiritual communities buy into ever-deepening deception lock, stock, and barrel.  Yet, Jesus says, “…not the smallest letter, not the least stroke of the pen, will by any means disappear from the Law until everything is accomplished” (Matthew 5:18).  Jesus is that fulfillment of God’s law, Whom moved man’s motivation to know and serve Him from Old Testament duty to New Testament appreciation for all He did that we could never earn or deserve.  Though we carelessly cast God’s law aside on the roadways of life one letter at a time…His plan will not be thwarted… 

Love Letters

lovehatpicsmall07092011Personal injury, bankruptcy, and divorce attorneys cry out from America’s billboards along the highways and byways crossing the home of the brave and land of the free.  Yet; horns honk, anger flares, and fists fly in cars that roar by fueled by impatience because someone pulled out, was going to slow, or crowded another’s personal space.  Sirens blare, blue lights flash, and guardrail crews repair the damage to barriers caused the night before by people who had one too many drinks before hitting life’s wall.  And, cities die from their heart out as heaven’s Church runs from inner city turmoil toward suburban safety in its retreat from darkness, thereby shelving its role as God’s emissary of light.  Friends, we are God’s ambassadors of reconciliation as though He is making His appeal to lost people through us (II Corinthians 5:17-20)…we are the salt of the earth who changes the flavor of humanity’s soup and the light of the world who illuminates others with hope (Matthew 5:13-16)… and, we are God’s love letter to our world and are called to love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul, mind, and our neighbors as ourselves (Matthew 22:37-41).  Our lives were designed to extend God’s loving reach to a dying world.  Sadly, many have “…exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator…” (Romans 1:25) casting God’s love to the ground to be trampled by men…  When was the last time God’s love protected, trusted, hoped, and persevered through you to another who had not yet proven themselves worthy?  In a nutshell dear friend, ”…love never fails” (I Corinthians 13:7-8). 

Proper Dependence

Walking a continent gives me a lot of time to observe, think, and pray.   Like everyone else, my perspective is colored by physical facts, life experience, core beliefs, and personal thought which fuel my efforts to embrace the world around me.   When I filter people and my surroundings through fallen human eyes and intellect, my emerging opinions are often misguided at best.  Yet, if I view my surroundings and those around me through God’s eyes with the mind of Christ…it causes me to reach to others in truth with compassion, mercy, and love in Jesus’ name.  As I have rattled through bible pages for the past forty years in my quest to know Jesus face-to-face, I have realized more than anything…that I am absolutely “dependent” upon Him for love, life, and liberty.  Proper dependence upon God, the Father of Jesus Christ, empowers our weakness and makes us strong (II Corinthians 12:9).  Sadly, our founding fathers wrongfully declared independence, which by its very essence, implies that we are under no governing authority.  It was a poorly defined, yet binding vow...  It was one thing to flee tyranny to find free expression of spiritual conviction.  It was entirely another to allow our expression of that freedom to cut us loose from the Author of eternal truth. 

Our nation's pursuit of God could have been better served had we humbled ourselves to champion "proper dependence" upon God declared openly to be the Father of Jesus Christ, rather than some great...but, generic architect.   As a result, we who call ourselves a godly nation have become the most religiously diverse culture on earth who is plagued by lawsuits, hostile takeovers, divorce, church splits, cults, situational ethics, and conditional commitment.  Why?  Because independence cannot walk agreed...cannot submit (Romans 8:7).  Independence always pits one human will against another until one ultimately dominates, violates, or isolates the other into submission.   What is it in our culture that devides countries, allies, governments, businesses, churches, marriages, and relationship?  The answer is...independence.  What got satan thrown out of heaven?  His independent desire to rise "above" the most high (Isaiah 14:13-14).  If we are honest deep down in our hearts...our desire to rise above others in some fashion wars within us at every turn (Romans 7:21-25).  This tendency reveals man's fallen nature...  It is only through submission one to another out of reverence for Christ and our proper dependence upon the One True God that holds us fast.

texassecedesignsmall07082011Most Americans will only stay in life’s game with a partner God’s way as long as personal benefit outweighs downside cost amid our "me-oriented" culture.  Truth be told, most of us hold onto our right to express personal independence with an iron grip, rather than yielding our lives as living sacrifices to God and others as our act of spiritual worship (Romans 12:1-3).  Why?  Because we have been "educated" for years to celebrate our independence as a great freedom, while being being blind to the spiritual limitations it imposes upon our lives in the unseen realm.   The enemy of our souls comes disguised as an angel of light to convince us that things are okay, when in reality, they are not.  He covers his strongholds in our thinking in order to maintain an open door into our lives through which to deceive, exploit, and destroy us.    Independence from sin brings life...independence from God brings death.  At first glance, some may think my view is unpatriotic.  Yet, true patriotism upholds freedom based on eternal truth...not fallen idealisms.  As believers, we are called to speak the truth in love (Epheisans 4:15-16, 25) to one another, while knowing that "love always protects, trusts, hopes, and perseveres (I Corinthians 13:7).  

God's love in and through us "is" motivated to redeem and bring freedom to those entrusted to our care (John 17).  When we see those we love heading for disaster...we sound the trumpet to save them from harm even when it makes us unpopluar.  Friends, it's time we stop floating free in relativism comparing ourselves to one another on our way down...and instead, return to the Author of eternal truth by comparing ourselves too and embracing His loving example portrayed through Jesus His Son.  My views no more flow from criticism, than a mother who runs into the street to grab Johnny by the scruff of his neck before he gets hit by a racing car...  Simply put...I care  more than people understand.  So, the next time someone tells you something "real" or doesn't play life's game your way…think twice before grabbing your marbles and running home to be king of your own hill.  America means “freedom.”  Sadly, to many lives are caught in the crossfire between self indulgence or putting the welfare of others ahead of themselves (Philippians 2:3-5).  Therefore, we must renounce our independent spirits and whole-heartedly declare our proper dependence upon God through how we live…not what we say in Jesus' name.  Empty words are dead  (James 2:14)...   

God’s Faithfulness

Though my journey has crossed trails with adversity on numerous occasions…God has been and remains faithful at every turn.  In recent days, He sent me a Christian brother who welded my RV frame that had broken…another who R & R’d my tires so repairs could be made…another who took me under his wing to bless me in Jesus’ name…and multiple other people whom He compelled to lighten my financial load some.  Is everything perfect, paid, or pristine in my world without emeging or ongoing challenge?   No!  But, in the day-to-day unfolding of life and circumstance…God’s reaches deep as He personally reveals His love and extends His mercy in ways far beyond imagination.  Why?  So, I can give hope to a lost world every day for the rest of my life as I testify to all Jesus has done! 

Despite those realities addressed in my words above…God’s power reigns with dominion over the defeated enemy of our souls...  God is with a big “G” and satan is a little “s.”   Yes, I grow weary and even discouraged some days after the 29th door of the day slams in my face.  But, as I walk away praying for God to bless the one who slammed it…Jesus floods my soul with peace that surpasses understanding and reminds me of His unconditional love and mercy toward me that ever stands in the heart of my Living Lord...for me.  Our Father God is not a fleeting idea or passing fancy conjured up by intellectual champions, theological giants, or the name it-claim it-frame it prosperity crowd chasing His hand of provision.  Instead, He promises to be our ever present help in times of trouble as we lift our mortal gaze toward His glorious face to lock eyes with Him in humility evidenced by our loving others in Jesus' name.  God is real, faithful, loving, and a Friend Who sticks closer than a brother when it counts…a Heavenly Father Who keeps His promises even when it hurts…and the Lover of our souls amid our wayward humanity when we deserve it least.  And to make God even more amazing…He chose to hand-craft us all into living masterpieces created in His image to do good works that He prepared in advance for us to do for His glory and the good of others.  Only an incomprehensible God could dream up such an out-of-the-box plan…WOW!

Winds Of Change

hurricanesignbeaumontsmall07092011Some call me negative, others critical, and still others think me misguided as I share what I see and experience along my way.  Occasionally, a few see me as enlightened...  No matter what they think...God's love always protects as it compells us all to be honest and help those around us escape what will rob them of life.    Despite people's projections...I do not form people’s ideas, chart their course, forge their character, or form their conclusions…they do.  I merely encounter, observe, and walk through life each day shaken by the declining condition of America and God’s people along this race God set before me to run.   Despite people’s varied opinions, prophetic events unfurl like a once-stilled flag being stretched forth in heaven’s gale to call God’s army to attention NOW in history’s eleventh hour. Heaven’s Bridegroom, Jesus…is coming back for a radiant bride...not a wayward wife, saying "bless me" as she goes her own way…   Battle lines have been drawn…armies of the earth are gathering…and heaven’s wedding invitations have been mailed calling Jesus' bride (Church) to make herself ready (Revelation 19:7).  We must preach the gospel through lifestyle truth, love, Spirit, glory, and worship God’s way...not words...   Otherwise, we will not find our seats at the banquet table now being set for the wedding feast of the Lamb. 

Please listen as heaven’s hurricane begins to blow!   Heaven's mansion hall has been prepared...Rose of Charon collected...Living Bread baked...choicest wine delivered...bridal attendants's lamps trimmed...angelic voices rise...doors swing open...and our white linen dress awaits...   Prepare yourself...heaven's feast is being set before us...Eternity's hour glass grows empty...our Bridegroom waits with anticipation as we make ourselves ready...and His white-gloved hand will soon draw us into heaven's first dance to become one with our King?  Oh dear frriend...keep your eyes eastward on heaven's mailbox... 

Awaiting My King,




All rights reserved worldwide.  Copyright BattleCry Ministries / Greg Benner 07-09-2011.  These materials are not to be used or distributed without written authorization.


Area: Eastern Outbound / Houston, TX / Approximately 80-90 miles from Louisiana 

Choosing God

On the heels of choosing God’s work over monetary gain this morning…everything came unglued. First, the lower portion of my RV windshield dropped out of the channel making it necessary to have the windshield removed and re-installed with a new gasket…will have to wait until blessed with funds. Re-setting the windows is no easy task on older large-sized panels of glass. Next, as I was driving to my next temporary parking spot…I heard a noise coming from the rear of my RV. I pulled over along the highway and got out to investigate. Upon my inspection, I noticed dripping fluid and found the rear drive train trailing arm assembly had broken off of the frame rail due to poor factory welds. My rear axle was out of line and will need to be pulled back into shape. Tires will need to be removed; the unit jacked back into place, preparation and welding done, tires re-installed, severed brake line replaced, and…continue onward. 

When we choose to do what God calls us to do…the enemy of our souls gets a wee bit irritated and fights back. Yet, what most would view as frustrating, inconvenient, or unfair…I have learned is merely God putting us in step to intersect with someone we are supposed to meet.   How we view the unexpected when it occurs determines whether it will be productive or lost for God’s glory and the one we were to encounter.   Remember, being in step with God sometimes looks different than we imagine… Please pray for me…that God will give me eyes to see, ears to hear, and a heart that understands all I need to know to complete His work. Blessings on you! 

Chasing Jesus,




Area: Houston, Texas

Weather: High 90’s with high humidity…or in other words…curly hair weather

Thump Thump

watermelontowerlulingtxclosesmall06252011No, it is not one of my walking shoes going flat… In realty, I am referring to the annual watermelon festival held in Luling, TX each year when their big juicy melons come off the vine. The local community gathering akin to a county fair of sorts comes complete with watermelon eating and seed spitting contests. You can find vendor booths, watermelon smoothies, seed necklaces, melon-mentioning bumper snickers, and even the local water tower painted up like a watermelon…   Luling's Watermelon Thump Festival reminds me of my farm town community days as a kid. On another note…  

Luling may be the origin point for Texas crude surfacing in the USA wearing its badge proudly in the form of backyard oil wells bobbing up and down 24/7.  The smell of oil is ever-in-the-air…kinda homey if you know what I mean…


Area:  Kerrville to Seguin, TX

Weather:  98 t0 105 degrees F with increasing humidity. 

Changing Winds

The past few weeks have been hot pushing mercury up the vial to 105 degrees F accompanied by rising humidity as I approach the gulf coast. My ongoing pathway carrying me through difficult arenas defined by various forms of human and spiritual disarray has been long…until, I walked into Kerrville weeks ago. There, I found richness in the time I was privileged to spend with pastors and emerging new friends filled with a very different life and spiritual outlook shaping their expression of God’s goodness. It was both unexpected and refreshing to encounter amid such a long trail to the contrary. Kerrville was God’s gift to me given when my refreshing was needed most... Leaving Kerrville felt like vacating one’s home filled with family and friends… Spiritual winds shifted drastically after leaving the brief oasis returning to different flavor of dark entrenchments that I encountered in days past over some 1,500 plus miles. Frankly, I meet both wonderful and not-so-great people everywhere I go. Some are full of life rising into their God-given potential, while others around them tumble headlong into despair-filled fragmentation fixed on hopeless views of God, people, and the world around them. Personal perspective ramains the single most important factor determining their destinies through which they will leave their mark on those they encounter in life…either good or bad.


Area: Through Fort Stockton, Ozona, Sonora, Junction, and into Kerrville, TX on way toward San Antonio

God Lives In Kerrville! 

Smiles, kindness, conversation, and open hearts met me as I entered Kerrville, TX late yesterday.  I was blessed beyond measure after trekking through so many heavy-hearted areas.  My first encounter with greatness came as God honored me to meet, talk, and pray with Pastor Chris at a local Baptist Church. He was refreshing, real, and radically filled with God’s presence and grace. I found him open, determined to preach God’s love, and absolutely at peace with letting the Holy Spirit bring much-needed life and change in his church people that only God can affect.  After months wading across the open deserts, through brief encounters, knocking on closed doors, and echoing God’s grieving question of “whether He would find faith upon the earth"…new hope re-kindled within. God’s adventure did not end there as I ventured onward to another local church where I met a vibrant young pastor cut from non-typical cloth…


Area: From Las Cruces, NM toward San Antonio, TX

Israel’s 63rd Anniversary!

Today marks Israel’s 63rd anniversary of becoming a nation. Arabs all around the Middle Eastern region and beyond are protesting this historical event. Though the world openly questions and speaks out against Israel’s right to exist based on Scripture…we as believers in Jesus Christ know that God’s unfolding plan is tied to Israel’s re-formation as a nation.   Its true significance is caught in the crossfire of theological and religious debate as people untold ponder how Israel’s re-birth coincides with issues like the rapture, tribulation, and Christ’s approaching return. Regardless of one’s view…God will not be mocked as He arrives just on time amid this once-in-human history season He declares that we can recognize. Israel’s re-emergence as a nation 63 years ago merely marks one of many signs Scripture says will reveal the season of Christ’s return. In this light…what type of people should we live to be… 

Devine Encounter

About ten days ago, I had occasion to wander through Starbucks near Las Cruces, NM where I met this great young couple.  As we began to talk a bit...we soon found ourselves engaged in conversation in which this transparent young man began sharing his battle with unforgiveness openly.  It was truly a privilege of honor to share the love and hope of Christ with him with regard to his battle.  As the two of us continued our interchange...his lovely young lady friend chimed in along the way affirming his efforts to rise out of bitterness to freedom and life.  This young man had gone through divorce a year or so earlier.  Likewise, he had toppled from the top of his professional field to a place of uncertainty.  And yet, he was genuinely more concerned about his spiritual condition than his financial success.  Finally, he admitted that he was not yet in personal relationship with Jesus, but had been reminded often by family that he needs to be.  As our time together drew to a close, I encouraged him to ask God to help him let go of past, to embrace the present, and to liberate his future with heaven's help.  I could see that his pathway was being re-directed to a collision course with the Lover of His soul...Jesus.  They took my card, we shared parting words, and we went our separate ways in faith...that God was up to another miracle one life-at-a-time.  Please pray for this young man and woman.  God will indeed finish the work in response to this young man's hungry heart!  I wish I could say working with others who see themselves as saved was so life-giving...


Area:  Passing through Vail, Benson, Wilcox, AZ...Lordsburg, Deming, and into Los Cruces, NM

Ever Onward

Adventure never ends along the highways and by-ways of life. As I pass through different towns, cities, and metropolitan areas…physical, social, and spiritual patterns emerge among those people I meet each day. While walking Arizona…physical conditions included lots of desert, closed businesses, and people of all walks of life caught in the crossfire of their life realities. Social conditions included people of all statures who have encountered recent economic downturns, ethnicities, and elevated crime associated with drug and human trafficking. And spiritual conditions included everything from God’s presence, varied levels of complacency, to wayward depravity.

Common Threads

As I entered New Mexico, I continued to find trends much the same as Arizona with 50-60 % of church buildings locked a vacant when I came to knock on them…the type of welcome I received from warm to detached…and people’s perspectives spinning as individual people do their best to cope with and adjust to quickly changing economic, employment, social, and spiritual conditions around them. Either way…people in general are struggling on most fronts.


Where: Near New Mexico border on way toward Texas

God Is Good!

Praise God from Whom all blessings come! Though people’s needs and my own challenges have been beyond description…God is good…all the time! Weather has been in the 90’s, opportunity to get a good tan more than adequate, and the road before me long……..

Stepping Onward... 

Passing through Tucson, AZ was an interesting experience as I visited with many pastors of numerous denominations.   As I sat with them at length in different settings…I was able to ask questions about their cities, churches, callings, and visions. Some leaders were discouraged, others hopeful…but, most held perspectives aware to varied degrees that world events are growing more troubling each day. Their answers revealed the challenges they face as individual shepherds, the hunger levels of their people, and how far all of us must travel in our relationships with Jesus Christ prior to His return. Moving through Vail on toward Benson, AZ was much the same.  Reality unfolds one step at a time...


Near Tuscon, AZ 

Divine Delays

The last twelve (12) weeks have been punctuated by human need, demonic opposition, and my deep ongoing reach for solutions in prayer. God’s prior directive which brought me out of California into Arizona was defined by specific passages of Scripture that ultimately landed me in Glendale the week before Christmas 2010. Every passage God took me too pointed me toward “wintering in Phoenix.” At first, I was puzzled by this one somewhat out-of-the-ordinary facet of God’s direction. But, I learned it was definitely from Him as heaven’s details unfolded before me over subsequent weeks following my return to Arizona after the Christmas holidays.  From my vantage point, I thought my return to the southern deserts of Arizona would resume my walk following my Christmas time with family. Yet, I soon learned that God had other plans….


Walk Update / Thursday 02-24-2011

Location: Still in central Arizona

God Is Moving! 

God is on the move! Over the past 2 plus months, I have experienced and witnessed more miracles in direct response to my prayers in than in the last 10 years.   At the same time, I have plunged deeper into God’s unknown in faith on behalf of others in hope He will save those I am unable to reach without His mercy. God has caused me to linger in central Arizona to help others bound by debilitating strongholds longer than I first intended.  I'm weary...  That said, the time has come for those of us numbered among His people to prepare ourselves for the wedding feast of the Lamb as we help others meet Christ face-to-face. Why now?

The Battle Rages / Prayer Needed!

The past nine weeks have taken me into heaven’s halls and among hell’s hordes on behalf of others bound by life-destroying strongholds, caught in the grip of despair, and who are crying out for God’s merciful liberation. They are in over their heads, dying an inch at a time, and in need others to lower their shattered lives through a hole in heaven's ceiling to enter the presence of a Loving Savior. I need help to keep my arms raised for victory. Please pray dear friend…

God said...

Scripture foretells that a time will come upon the earth when delusion will blind the minds of people, selfishness will devour people, rebellion and anger will divide people, and that these people will perish because they refuse to love the truth and so be saved. Today, many ask how a loving God could possibly allow people to die beyond His grasp. And yet, God forces no one to bow their knee to Him…He gives us free choice. For those of us calling ourselves believers…we remain commissioned to go into all the world (and our homes) to make disciples baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit teaching them to obey everything Jesus commanded us to do (Matthew 28:19-20).


Tension In The Air

Yesterday, I was probing ahead of my current walk point looking for a place to move up too.  As I traveled south, I became aware of an intense aggression in the air.  Everywhere I looked...people were scowling, honking horns, making gestures at others, yelling at clerks, and stomping off to go there own way after threatening those they met.  I noticed myself becoming impatient, a bit up tight, and somewhat uncaring until...I recognized the type of spiritual arena I had entered.  As I concluded my business and drove northward again...the tension in the air subsided and peace returned. 

This morning as I logged on to my email...I noticed the cover story telling about violence which had occurred some 75-90 miles below where I had traveled too yesterday.  As I've mentioned in some of my posts...the areas God has called me to impact constantly carry me toward things most hope to avoid in life.  That said...please pray for me as I do my all to hear God's voice and do what He says.   Urgency is ever-in-the air as we look at unfolding world events and the destinies of others who desparately need a Savior.  Currently, I am seeking God's direction to see where He will lead my next steps before proceeding.  Meanwhile, it is my hope to meet and bless the lives of those I encounter.   More later...  Blessings!

Hanging Onto The Master,


BattleCry Ministries

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Back On The Path 

Finally, the holidays are past and life can resume. It seems that America-at-large goes AWOL when Thanksgiving arrives and remains adrift, until the big ball drops in New York on New Year’s eve. Now that the holidays are behind…people are regaining focus on meeting the demands of everyday life. Since reaching into my intended audience is always difficult amid holiday fragmentation…I flew home to spend time with my family over Christmas time before returning to resume walking across America. 

Now back in Arizona, I ask that you pray for God’s presence to surround me as I journey through unsettled territory near southern national borders where passage requires one’s wisdom. Our country currently finds itself bombarded by economic instability, social unrest, and the violent affects of struggling nearby nations. As a result, life as we know it has been challenged by forces with potential to unravel freedom’s lifestyle on multiple fronts with little or no warning. Therefore, please join me along my path in thought and prayer by reading my often-updated blog as I step into uncharted conditions each day. Keep looking up! 



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Merry Christmas One And All!

May the love, mercy, and grace of God be upon, within, and around your life during this Christmas season.  I have taken a few days off, flown home to be with family, and will return to resume walking next week.  I pray your families are well, health whole, hearts happy, and salvation secure as together, we worship our Risen King...Jesus!  God's blessings upon you!

From Bethlehem's manger,



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Miles Walked: 28

Location: Near Phoenix, AZ

Christmas Blur

The past week has been a blur walking, meeting people, serving food in homeless shelters, preaching in missions, and preparing to fly home for Christmas to see my family...a privilege many worldwide could never enjoy due to poverty, impaired health, political barriers, or the end of a family line. The weather has been fantastic as I’ve enjoyed fellowship with those who help me along the way.  I found it interesting that I was walking into “Surprise, AZ” just before Christmas…

Along My Path

Walking down the sidewalk into inner city Phoenix, I found myself coming face-to-face with another walker pulling a wheeled cart behind. Arriving toe-to-toe, I asked him if he was on a long walk. In response, he pointed to a map tied to the top of his rolling gear and said, “Cologne…Cologne.” I quickly realized he did not speak English and asked if he had a business card to which he replied, “yes.” After navigating language hurdles, it became obvious he was on a 20,000 kilometer around-the-world walk beginning in Poland…crossing all of Europe, the Atlantic, and from the east coast of America to where I met him in Phoenix on his way toward Los Angeles and ultimately home for…world peace. I felt like a proverbial “light weight” by comparison, until I remembered that accomplishment is measured in obedience…not based on a noble cause. This dear man had a list of sponsors ranging from national banks to global organizations to gear manufacturers to private contributors which was daunting to say the least. And yet, when one promotes the “Prince of Peace” to a dying world…all such sponsors hold up their crucifix and flee wanting no connection with the cause of Jesus Christ… The gospels declare Jesus’ words telling us that the world will love those who are part of it and invalidate those who reach to liberate it from death to life.   I never cease to be amazed by the depths of human dillusion…


Miles Walked: 15 / Temp: High 70’s Low 80’s

Area: Wickenburg toward Phoenix, AZ

Soup’s On

Sitting at the counter slurping down soup in a small town café while taking a break from my day’s walk… I found myself seated next to a professional Blue Grass singer in a ten gallon hat who spoke with a voice that brings warmth to one’s soul.   The longer we talked, the more people around the counter joined our conversation. As I finally stood to leave…the Blue Grass boy said “wherever I eat while singing my way across America each year…I find the same people in cafés only with different names.” As I left, resumed my walk, and pondered his words…it became obvious that each of us meet the same type of people everywhere we go each day. Life’s cafés all have their town leaders, grumps, mechanics, gossips, peddlers, do-gooders, drunks, preachers, travelers, power brokers, and unmentionables… Likewise, deeper clarity emerged revealing that each of us travel our own journey either driven or drawn by ideologies we have collided with and adopted as our reason to live… 



Miles Walked 74 / Temp:  Mid 50's to Mid 70's

Area: Ehrinburg through Quartzite on to Salome, Aguila, and on toward Wickenburg, AZ

On The Run 

What a week! My time at Isaiah 58 Project in Quartzite was awesome. The hearts of all involved were resonated with Jesus and I was truly blessed. It felt like old home week as I encountered and got to know the many different people who either worked in the project or came there for help.

Desert Beauty / Weather

Southern open country high desert has a beauty like no other…strewn with cactus, prickly pear, yucca plants, Joshua trees, bunch grass, and distant mountains pristinely painted in hues of blue, purple, red, and earthen tones...and gorgeous sunrises.  As I walked each day, I caught glimpse of hawks soaring above, occasional road runners darting below, and many interesting insects. And weather…weather has been grand ranging from between mid 50’s and upper 70’s…just perfect for walking. 

Please Read On...


Area: Palm Desert to Blythe, CA and on into Arizona

What a week! Please forgive my delayed posting schedule this last week…much has been happening. Finally made Arizona...  For those of you praying for my journey…thank you!  I believe you may find this post of interest…


Last week faced me with several decision of import with regard to my timely passage along the route God actively lays before me each day. I am a barnstormer by nature who typically pushes through and beyond challenges without looking back. And yet, I found myself cognitively aware that I was in proximity to things much larger than me as I considered how I was to proceed. I was uneasy and uncertain causing me to request prayer and to search God’s word until I discovered God’s plan. As one who is called to affect others…I cannot openly dishonor established authority while claiming to help people discover identity and truth.   One transmits who they are…not what they think. Case-in-point…I ran head-on into a section of I-10 where pedestrians are typically not allowed to walk. Though I have encountered this same issue in other places while walking several thousand miles of freeway across the USA…I learned by experience that exceptions to declared guidelines do sometimes exist if one makes a proper appeal to those in charge. My desire to honor authority led me to the highway patrol offices where I filled them in on my journey’s purpose and expressed my desire to walk the freeway since no other road passed through the area along my intended route. Despite my request however, I was unsuccessful in gaining authorization to tread my way through. After making my request, I found myself faced by three distinct solution possibilities: (1) take an alternate route pulling me off of the path God had put on my heart to walk. (2) Skip the inaccessible section and resume on the other side. Or (3) ignore authority and take my chances to walk the freeway even though I had been told not to.  What did I choose...


Walking Resumes

Thanks for your patience in watching for my next post. I have been delayed in writing for several reasons. First, my computer had a hard drive problem and had to be put in the shop. Second, I temporarily suspended my walk so I could return to my hometown in Washington State to help my mom and dad with a few things before winter snows set in. I flew out of California on November 11th to Seattle and returned back to California on Wednesday the 17th.  Fortunately, my computer guru back home was able to resurrect my computer making it good as new. I spent the next day on the 18th getting administrative details up-to-speed in preparation for walking the next day...


Miles Walked: 12.9 / 82 Degrees F.

Area: Whitewater to Cathedral City, CA

God Knocking On My Door Again

4:00 am…I awake to preachers on my radio…Dr. David Jeremiah…Jack Graham…Adrian Rodgers…their messages are talking to me again…finally get up…shower…more oatmeal…load up…write a few emails…head for my walk point. It began as a beautiful day with blue sky and tee shirt temps. Something felt different about today as I started my descent from Whitewater Pass past the wind farms onto the valley floor. Today is the first day since my walk began that I have strong tail wind blowing me down the hill making me hold myself back. Thought…wind out of west stands for deliverance…it seems God is carrying me out of and beyond all the inner city environments I passed through into open country. Let me go back in my story a bit…


Miles Walked: 17.5 / 78 Degrees F.

Area: Banning to Whitewater, CA

Uneventful Day / Long Walk

I woke up early…made my way to the walk launch point…and walked through Whitewater Pass where there must be well more than a thousand plus power generating wind towers. It was a steady uphill climb, plateaued, and began a gentle decent before I stopped at Whitewater Rock Supply Company. For the most part, it was an uneventful day other than putting one foot in front of the other… Blessings until later……Greg


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