Engaged, Exposed, and Empowered

Written by Greg Benner 06-18-1998

Confrontation! Addressing a colleague unknown, great reformer John Wesley upholds God's mandate for integrity as he quills these penetrating words: "I fear you think of yourself more highly than you ought to think. . . . I fear that there is something unloving in your spirit. . . . I am afraid lest your want of love to your neighbours [sic] should spring from want of love to God. . . . I fear you are greatly wanting in the government of your tongue. You are not exact in relating facts. . . . But, I fear that you are more wanting in another respect: That you give a loose to your tongue when you are angry" (Wesley's Works 13: 141). Here, John Wesley lovingly calls a wayward friend to account whose inner heart attitudes bring tears to the eyes of God. Therefore, it seems reasonable that living with integrity must engage one's mind, expose one's heart, and empower one's personal quest to gain grace-empowered holiness! 

Entering The Race...

Right out of the starting blocks, it appears obvious that human intellect, personal introspection, and God's revelation must join forces to engage one's mind in the cause of Christ...productively. For instance, preaching with integrity challenges one's thinking as God's messengers engage their minds in their efforts to declare heaven's simple message with humble accuracy.  Yet, preachers who deliver the gospel with anything less than their God-given potential...hinder the image of Christ as their personal example promotes  mediocrity rather than excellence. Meanwhile, living with integrity compels personal introspection! The evidence of loving God's truth reveals itself in those who willingly embrace personal introspection under the leadership of the Holy Spirit. Of course, personal surrender to God's purpose and blameless entrance into His presence must occur first if the Holy Spirit is to do His deep-reaching work. Finally, conducting one's life with integrity requires God's revelation. It is through confessional repentance and humility that the Holy Spirit is empowered to whisper divine wisdom into the hearts and minds of anyone who diligently pursues godly integrity. More simply put, anyone who hopes to gain God's revelation must give themselves freely to the renewing their mind through the washing of His Word and prayer. Consequently, human intellect and God's revelation become allies as personal introspection kneels on the altar of one's heart humbly bowed before God! 

Exposing Defeat

Straining down the back stretch, we quickly learn that genuine living with integrity will expose one's heart. Hidden sins must be uncovered, hearts must be humbled, and wounds must be healed for integrity to rise. To begin, we will find that living with integrity uncovers our shortcomings! Many believers who introduce others to Jesus and His gift of salvation testify that the Holy Spirit's convicting power flooded in upon them as they shared heaven's hope. In fact, the responsibility imposed by God's gift of life becomes the ultimate threshing floor upon which many misguided people shatter the bondage of their hidden sins while working out their own salvation. Likewise, living with integrity demands humility. Pride erases our personal witness for Christ as it tramples humility into the mire. Only while centered in Christ can God's warriors forge ahead victoriously in their quest to set the captives free.  Past wounds must also be healed to live with integrity! Willing passage upon integrity's pathway empowers God's grace as He lovingly heals past failure and sin within the hearts of those who thirst after Him. Therefore, God anoints anyone whose lifestyle humbly extends the love and mercy of Jesus Christ to a lost, hurting, and dying world as they share His message of hope! 

Empowering Victory

Rounding the last turn...living with integrity will empower one's personal quest for grace-empowered holiness as it validates God's preachers, liberate God's people, or appropriate God's power.  As the wildfires of holiness rage within the hearts of God's preachers, divine credibility permeates their salvation cry! To this end, holiness must blaze its trail into the very heart of God Himself if it is to find outward expression in one's life message.  Living with integrity liberates God's people as they surrender their minds, their hearts, and their futures to the lordship of Christ!  True freedom is only possible as holiness and integrity fuse to fuel their combined heavenward momentum. Finally, living with integrity appropriates God's power! Spanning the centuries, instant loving obedience to God's will has always released heaven to erect the pillars of His integrity in the individual lives of humanity. As a result, God's anointing becomes the conduit through which His Spirit-fired power electrifies each believer's portrayal of Christ. Here, all segments of the body of Christ embark upon an eternal quest of dire import as they grasp holiness...together. 

Finish Line

Crossing the finish line, living with God-characterized integrity emerges with redemptive power as heads, hearts, and holiness submissively entwine in their ongoing portrait of Christ! In support of this view, God's humble servant John Wesley eloquently says, ". . . being persuaded that the love of God, governing the senses, appetites, and passions, however or whenever it is wrought in the soul, is true, essential righteousness" (Wesley 9: 312). Therefore, it seems clear that God's people must live Christ's redemption message with integrity before a dying world as doers of the Word, not mere hearers! This question remains however, "will we give God permission to transform our empty words into Christ-centered action?"


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