Acquired Taste

Written by Greg 03-25-1999 

Ravenous appetites!  Rising with the first dawn, hunger has haunted humanity's search for satisfaction.  We've all heard it!  Everyday, world hunger stirs starving people to cry out for food, mental hunger causes ignorant people to run after knowledge, emotional hunger drives lonely people to reach out for love, moral hunger kindles an outraged people to burn for their rights, and spiritual hunger stimulates confused people to grope for eternal truth.  Yes, life's hungers move everything from mountains and injustice in the physical world to the saving of souls in the spiritual world as God stirs His servants to action.  While identifying man's hunger is of key import, gaining an iron grasp of its underlying source demands that we keep a deeper question in view...just why do we hunger, anyway?  Is it because we're hungry to give balanced attention to our overall health or because we hope to eat away our self-portrait of dwindling worth?  Do we hunger to thrash away the seeds of devilish deception...or, because we're chasing an elusive fix lost in the faces of addiction?  Do we hunger to embrace God's plan for our individual lives or to justify our selfish inclinations to master our own space?  Whatever kicks your appetite into gear... please remember a few truths about hunger that march eternally on...  Hungers force people to decision, hungers cause people to act, and hungers inspire people to serve their appetites. 

What's For Dinner?

First on the menu, we find that hungers force people to make tough decisions.  Decisions like choosing between people or things, honor or shame, life or death, and... heaven or hell.  On one hand, righteous hungers glorify God as we become more Christ-like each day.  On the other, selfish hungers thumb their noses in God's face while selling our souls into a slavery dominated by sin.  That's why most things claiming to turn our fragmented lives into storybook bliss end up making us plug our nose, gulp, and...gag instead.  Yet, the ho ho's, hot apple pies, and Neapolitan ice creams of life slide seductively down our throats provoking our taste buds to cheer the sensation's rush. Go figure!

Healthy Or Hazzardous

Topping the menu's next page, we find that hungers cause people to act in accord with their tastes.  Some people choose good food, enjoy health, which leads them to life.  Others choose bad food, suffer pain, which leads them to strife.  Good return on our investments results from making the right choice.  There are no free lunches in life.  In some ways, getting to know Jesus is much the same.  Even though God gives us things like salvation for free, He expects us to work hard for others who He uses to challenge and rebuild our lives each day.  During another scene on history's stage...Jesus leads the way as He uncovers hunger's source in Matthew 4:4 saying, "man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God."  His words reveal that it's not about taking the easy way out by going our own way.  Instead, we are called to live righteously within as we hunger for God's way.

Time To Order 

Scanning the menu's last page, we find that hungers inspire people to serve their appetites whether good or bad.  Hunger, like passion, can be one of God's mechanisms through which He draws us to Himself.  Or, it can be an open door for Satan's deception to run us off course.  That is why we benefit more from those things we "should" do, than those things we "naturally" do.  Raising the bar as He blazes life's tough trails...Jesus speaks to the matter in Matthew 5:6 saying, "Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled."  Being filled doesn't just happen!  Oh no...being filled by God requires that we emty ourselves of...self.  OOOOOOOOOOh...don't lose heart now; God promises to fill us again and again.  Want proof?  Helping us eat right by handing us heaven's light menu In John 6:35, Jesus hits us with His life-giving special saying, "I am the bread of life.  He who comes to me will never go hungry, and he who believes in me will never be thirsty."  Living God's way for His glory is an "acquired taste" ya' know? 

Whataya Have?

So, what are you going to order?  Will it be heaven's chewy life-giving special that will keep you fit and trim, or the hell's flaming red hot beans that'll haunt your tomorrows?

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