Jesus Will Come!

Written by Greg Benner 10-22-1999 

Relentless!  Eternity's clock ticks silently on as the centuries, decades, years, days, hours, and minutes of human existence slip quietly away one second at a time. People created in God's image, drawn by God's Spirit, and saved by God's grace...race against the stopwatch of God's judgement as they struggle for worldly gain.  Yet, weeping in the shadows of human heartache, God woos the wayward while knowing that His time line stops for no one.  Meanwhile; as the earth quakes, war rumors, famine starves, and love grows cold...many ignorant, skeptical, and misguided people mark time just a breath away from death's grip and hell's pain.  Now, in accordance with Satan's work in the last days, the lawless one deceives those who are perishing with his counterfeit miracles, signs, wonders, and every sort of evil convincing them to believe his lie.  Why do people perish?  They perish because they refuse to love the truth and so be saved. Yet, in the final hours of human existence...God still gives life to those who will humble themselves, who will repent of their sins, and who will surrender to Jesus Christ.

Time Is Ticking

At a quarter past, God gives life to those who will humble themselves.  Humility opens God's heart, paves life's road, and portrays Christ's love to a dying world.  Humility uncovers our sin, yields our rights, and serves our neighbors for God's glory.  Given an opportunity, humility will correct one's vision, forge one's character, and empower one's victory in everyday life.  Yes, through humility...God inhabits hearts, liberates souls, and changes lives forever!  Humility is not abject poverty, spotless performance, or religious piety.  No, humility is a surrender of service, a lifestyle of love, and a privilege of power lived like Jesus while washed in His blood.  Practically speaking, humility happens when we submit our lives to God's authority...unconditionally.  Without humility; salvation from sin, freedom in Christ, and eternal life is impossible.  Sadly, people perish because they refuse to love truth enough to humble themselves.  Still ticking, time reminds us that humility opens life's door when we lay down our pride. 

Half Past The Hour

At half past, God gives life to those who will repent of their sins.  Repentance frees from bondage, turns toward truth, and robs Satan of his legal right to control people's lives.  Repentance charts a new course, does what is right, and cleans up its own mess in pursuit of Life.  If permitted...repentance will purge our soul, build our strength, and clear our path as Jesus leads us on.  Likewise, through repentance...God restores one's hope, heals one's wounds, and expands one's future.  Repentance "is not" merely a silent regret, casual excuse, or an avoided change.  No...repentance is an act of will, a rise to honor, and a move on peace cut by the sword of conviction in the hearts of men.  Real repentance drives back darkness as it leaps into the arms of a living faith!  Yet without fails, hope hides, and life loses out in the glow of hell's flames.  Tragically, people perish because they refuse to love truth enough to repent of their sins.  Still ticking, time reminds us that repentance unlocks life's door when we give our lives to Jesus, unconditionally. 

Day Is Dawning

At a quarter till, God gives life to those who will surrender to Jesus Christ.  Surrender releases ownership, promotes trust, and embraces God's will.  Surrender walks with unity, serves with sincerity, and dies with dignity as it bows at the cross.  Despite opposition...surrender will blaze God's trails, scale God's peaks, and cross God's valleys out of reverence for Christ.  Yes, through surrender...our joy is found, our peace is born, and our life is gained.  Surrender is not a random act, a passing fancy, or a careless game.  No, surrender is a disciple's password, a warrior's codeword, and a servant's watchword to affect redemption's battle in Jesus' name.  True surrender races the stopwatch of God's judgement as it seeks to save the lost.  Yet without surrender...rebels resist, fools frustrate, and people perish separated from God...forever!  Brazenly, people perish because they refuse to love truth enough to surrender their lives to Jesus, unconditionally.  Still ticking, time reminds us that only surrender to Jesus Christ will allow us to pass through life's door upon His return.

No More "Snooze"

Now, as the clock winds to strike God's appointed hour...salvation's knock pounds at the door!  Ticking with grace, wound by mercy, and triggered in love...God's alarm buzzes through fulfilled prophecy, natural disaster, moral confusion, and spiritual diversity.  Yet, people simply roll over, hit snooze, and drift off toward hell...asleep.  The Apostle Paul tells us in II Thessalonians 2:11-12 that it is, "for this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie...and so that all will be condemned who have not believed the Truth (Christ) but have delighted in wickedness."  Friends, either humility flows from the depths of our souls...or, it's a mask we wear in public.  Either repentance has free run in our hearts...or, it's a "get-out-of-hell-free" card we play when we've been caught.  Either surrender to Jesus Christ gives Him lordship over our lives...or, it's a one-time-stand sinner's prayer grasp at salvation without service.  Relationship with Jesus is not an easy's the only way to life!  Woefully, people are still perishing because they refuse to love the truth and so be saved.  The truth is not just a written code.  God's truth is a person called Jesus!  Now synchronized with God's judgement and quietly ticking...eternity's clock reminds us that salvation will soon stop knocking. 

So, who will humble themselves...who will repent of their sins...who will surrender their lives to Jesus Christ... unconditionally?  Will it be you?  Will it be me?  Will it be today?  One day soon Jesus will come...and judgement will come with Him. Are you watching the right clock?


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