Touching Heaven To Change Earth

Written by Greg Benner 10-24-2010 

First off…all of us must realize that God assigns our name, defines our purpose, empowers our labor, and numbers our days before one of them came to be according to Scripture. We do not live random lives that hit the planet like an off-course comet leaving confusion in its path. Instead, God created each one of us to live with specific purpose, divine destiny, and eternal impact for His glory and our good. Choosing to remain unaware or indifferent toward God’s plan for our lives assures that we will experience empty, troubled, and unfulfilled purpose dispatched to change our struggling world.   Living life by the seat of our pants without concern for the indifference revealed by our ongoing lack of direction…robs us of God’s blessing. As a result, both our own lives and those represented in the world-at-large live without joy, freedom, and peace as God intended. Therefore; I encourage you to turn off the TV, clear your plans, and to join me as we ask God to silence our minds, draw our hearts, enlighten our eyes, correct our paths, and empower our destinies with renewed power for His glory in Jesus’ name. God Assigns Our Name (i.e. Jeremiah 49:1-7)

In Scripture, we see that God authors, inspires, defines, changes, and calls ordinary people like Adam, Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Esther, David, Elisha, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Peter, Paul…and each of us name. Our name was not chosen by parent’s random decision. Instead, our names were authored in and inspired by God’s heart to identify, reveal, and release His purpose for our lives in His unfolding plan. Our names are eternal…pre-date history, declare existence, and reflect God’s character He dispatched to affect a specific time, place, and people.   We can discover God’s adventure for our lives through Scripture if we will investigate our name’s meaning, study our ancestor’s journeys, and embrace our Master’s purpose….unconditionally. Let me explain on a more personal note… 

My name Gregory means “watchman.”   Jesus tells us in John 10:3 that, “the watchman opens the gate for Him and the sheep listens to His (Jesus’) voice. Does this make me better or more spiritual than anyone else? No! Knowing merely defines my path, establishes my purpose, and gives me opportunity to rise out of life’s mire into God’s miraculous with sober awareness and peace. Remember, the greatest miracle of all is a life transformed from death to life by Jesus Christ. What did my process look like? Prior to understanding God’s call on my life…I found it impossible to escape “constant observation” mode. Even when not consciously paying attention…my eyes, mind, and spirit would register things occurring in the physical, cultural, and supernatural realms around me simultaneously archiving their ongoing discoveries in my mental file drawers. It happened and still happens to me all the time….can’t help it! Remember, the bible tells us that God enlightens our eyes…renews our mind…transforms our heart…and redeems our spirit through the working out of our salvation as He moves us toward Christ-likeness. Learning who I am in Christ has not been without struggle. My endeavor has cost everything dear to me more than once as I continually look beyond to grasp what God has in store for me. Yet, I can say without hesitation…it was worth it and I would do it again. What are you looking for… 

God Defines Our Purpose (i.e. Romans 8:28-30)

With no input from us…our Creator hard-wires our lives with electrifying purpose as our base default… Time may refine our approach to a degree, but we cannot erase God’s embedded program. Back to my process…  When my mind’s file cabinets get full or reach “critical mass” on a given subject…revelation occurs…previously unrelated dots, connect…and my communication of what I saw “beyond” begins as God gives permission, opportunity, and voice. Operative phrase here…”as God gives permission, opportunity, and voice…   These three keys represent areas of life I have struggled to master for God’s glory. It’s one thing to “see” and another to properly use what God shows us. I’m still working on it…  Fortunately, God empowers our efforts based on our motive more than lacking performance. 

God Empowers Our Labor (i.e. Philippians 4:13) 

Choosing to step into God’s plan can be exciting, scary, and life-giving all at the same time. Many years ago, when God showed me His created purpose for my life, I was not thrilled as I resisted what I thought came with it. Finally, God’s voice grew a bit more motivating if you catch my drift and I finally bowed my knee, subdued my “self,” faced my fears, and trusted His faithfulness. Along the path…I have experienced adventure and adversity…winning and wandering…vision and valleys…building and brokenness…confidence and calamity…perseverance and yet…peace that surpasses understanding.     Though heaven and hardship still cross my path at inconvenient times…Jesus bathes me in mercy, leads me with integrity, and rewards me in victory with love as He beckons me beyond all this world has to offer. Chasing God with a whole heart is not for the faint or unwilling. The race belongs to those who realize they were forgiven much and their appreciation for God’s life-gift they could never earn or deserve compels them…to love much. Our journey with Jesus is not an out-of-the-blocks sprint. More accurately, God’s heavenward trail leads us for a lifetime and is defined at His discretion with a length of His choosing… 

God Numbers Our Days (i.e. Psalms 139:16) 

Do you remember what it was like to stare at the clouds and dream about the great things you would do, conquer, and experience over the course of the life we all envision as…long? Our early world was surrounded by people we idolized and others we ignored. Most of us wanted to be part of the “in” crowd, while remaining eternally distanced from those considered the dweebs of life. Over time however, we discovered that those we ignored rose to greatness as our high school hero’s potential plummeted, visions vanished, futures fumbled, and lives settled, deviated, or ended seemingly without explanation. Yet, the psalmist says that God created our inmost being, that we were fearfully and wonderfully made in the secret place, and that all the days ordained for us were written in God’s book before one of them came to be. Simply put, time and life are not in our hands…they are in God’s. We are not assured we will ever draw our next breath making our discovery of God’s purpose for our life urgent, consequential, and eternally important to ourselves and those around us. If we are willing…Jesus promises to hold our hand, open our eyes, furnish our faith, and power our purpose for His glory and our greatest!   In this light, I challenge you heavenward “…to take hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold of you….

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