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America's Lost Treasure / Article

Written by Greg Benner 11-08-2010

Freedom Is Not Free 

Every day…people all over the world search for lost treasure hoping to hit their projected mother lode capable of turning dreams to reality. Miners drill and blast their way past hard rock toward elusive gold…kids spin and twist their way past boring chores toward Peter Pan…inventors think and draw their way past current limits toward inconceivable solutions…philosophers research and reason their way past moral absolutes toward enlightened thinking…and social engineers edit and paste their way past national stability toward enslaving agenda. However, all such pursuits share one thing…plunging from the proven to penetrate the impossible. History shows that many brave souls risked all to stretch human experience onward toward victory. And yet, history also reveals many-a-silver-tongued-orator who promised the moon only to deliver the same miry mess trudged through by prior generations…in despair. History is the library of human experience handing those young and yet-unborn ones…tools to build a better future. Without history’s accurate transmission…today’s and tomorrow’s generations are destined to re-invent the wheel of human delusion. Freedom is not free! It finds its existence written in the blood of those who died, so others may live…


Touching Heaven To Change Earth

Written by Greg Benner 10-24-2010 

First off…all of us must realize that God assigns our name, defines our purpose, empowers our labor, and numbers our days before one of them came to be according to Scripture. We do not live random lives that hit the planet like an off-course comet leaving confusion in its path. Instead, God created each one of us to live with specific purpose, divine destiny, and eternal impact for His glory and our good. Choosing to remain unaware or indifferent toward God’s plan for our lives assures that we will experience empty, troubled, and unfulfilled purpose dispatched to change our struggling world.   Living life by the seat of our pants without concern for the indifference revealed by our ongoing lack of direction…robs us of God’s blessing. As a result, both our own lives and those represented in the world-at-large live without joy, freedom, and peace as God intended. Therefore; I encourage you to turn off the TV, clear your plans, and to join me as we ask God to silence our minds, draw our hearts, enlighten our eyes, correct our paths, and empower our destinies with renewed power for His glory in Jesus’ name. God Assigns Our Name (i.e. Jeremiah 49:1-7)

In Scripture, we see that God authors, inspires, defines, changes, and calls ordinary people like Adam, Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Esther, David, Elisha, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Peter, Paul…and each of us name. Our name was not chosen by parent’s random decision. Instead, our names were authored in and inspired by God’s heart to identify, reveal, and release His purpose for our lives in His unfolding plan. Our names are eternal…pre-date history, declare existence, and reflect God’s character He dispatched to affect a specific time, place, and people.   We can discover God’s adventure for our lives through Scripture if we will investigate our name’s meaning, study our ancestor’s journeys, and embrace our Master’s purpose….unconditionally. Let me explain on a more personal note… 


Gateways and By-Ways

Written by Greg Benner 10-24-2010

Times, Places, and Dates

Time, places, and dates are significant in heaven’s history of the world as mankind works out his salvation before a Holy God.   Though things occurring around us seem to be the by-product of external influence, random chance, or cosmic oversight…in reality…circumstances portray the cause-and-affect impact of human decision within the context of God’s transformational reach to a struggling humanity.

In an effort to help you understand kingdom dynamics in a physical world, I bring you to the realization that Santa Monica, like many coastal cities represents a secondary western spiritual gateway into America’s interior. As a point of reference, the primary spiritual gateway resides on San Juan Island off the coast of Washington State in Puget Sound. I’ll write more about that later as God leads…  

Spiritual gateways, as with other supernatural realities, carry associated physical manifestations with them. That is why we hear places like Seattle, San Francisco, Houston, New Orleans, Miami, New York, and Boston called “gateway” cities. If one does careful historical, geographical, and Scriptural research under the Holy Spirit’s leadership…they will discover that gateway cities share common physical, cultural, and spiritual characteristics. These similar features include, but are not limited to…social unrest, religious fragmentation, cultural identity, convergent weather, entrenched problems, stronghold thinking, resulting consequences (i.e. Seattle: liberalism, San Francisco: un-bridled sexuality, Houston-Miami: Hurricanes, New York: violence, etc.), and more. 

What lurks within the gates on the by-ways of life?

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